Sunday Activity: Painting Pottery

Sunday Activity: Painting Pottery

In the last couple of months there have been a lot of birthdays and holidays in my circle of friends and family. I always stress so much about gifts for birthdays & holidays because I hate giving generic gifts! I feel like that’s almost worse than giving no gift:-/.

A hobby that I’ve taken on and have become slightly obsessed with is painting pottery. It’s super relaxing, productive, and people always appreciate a handmade gift! I work a standard 9-5 job, and outside of doing this (blogging), I have very little time for any creative outlets. Painting pottery on a quiet Sunday morning or afternoon is the perfect way to end my hectic week; plus, I get to be super thoughtful and create a gift for someone special!

For Mother’s Day, I made my mom a jewelry dish (and two for myself; got a little carried away ;-))

I also made my baby snake a little hideaway out of what was intended to be a birdhouse! She lovesit.

For my grandma’s birthday, I made her a simple sugar pot that she can use to put pretty much anything in. These are super universal!


& look out for more to come:)


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