Tea vs. Water

Tea vs. Water


I drink a lot of tea. I love tea. I love water too, but for some reason tea just always seems more appealing and easier to drink for me.

I don’t really like to drink a lot of juices and sodas, so tea is about as flavorful as my beverage preference will get. With all of the fruity, fun teas that are out there, I began to wonder if drinking so much tea is equivalent to ot more/less beneficial than if I were to drink the same amount of water instead…

Apparently, there is no downside to tea. Tea provides the same hydration to your body as water does, but also contains antioxidants and flavanoids that deliver additional goodness to your body.

Some of the added advantages of drinking certain teas are:

  • Encourages weight loss and increases metabolism (green tea)
  • Reduces bloating (gingerpeppermint, or fennel teas)
  • Increases overall cardiovascular health
  • Teas that contain flouride can help provide protection against plaque, and essentially help to prevent tooth decay later on in life

Some people would argue that the caffeine in some teas is bad for you; however, the dosage of caffeine that is in tea in general is really essentially insignificant. If you disagree, pretty much every tea I’ve ever heard of comes in a decaffeinated version.

So, are all teas good for you? Pretty much! Yes, they are. We just want to make sure we are referring specifically to brewed teas, not bottled teas. Bottled teas may contain added sugar, syrup, or other sweeteners that are not beneficial to your overall health!

Any tea is good tea.”

Five Best Teas for Weight Loss:

  1. Green tea helps your liver to release your fat cells in order to turn them into energy.
  2. Oolong tea increases your body’s natural metabolism.
  3. Mint tea helps to kill bad food cravings when you get the muchies.
  4. White tea blocks fat cells from forming.
  5. Rooibos tea reduces the production of the natural hormones in your body that trigger hunger.


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Published by Nani Dominguez

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