A Step in the Right Direction

Hey all! I'm super excited about this opportunity to be able to post on mytrendingstories. For the longest time I never thought about blogging. I make jewelry and I didn't think  I was that good of a writer, but I realized it's not about just being a perfect writer. It's all about expressing yourself. I wanted to write to be able to bring encouragement others. We are all unique and have our own stories, different forms of expression is necessary. 

I'm definitely in the beginning stages of growing my brand and business and one thing that keeps me going is self motivation. Having a dream is easy, but accomplishing that dream can be beyond difficult. I believe in myself and the goal of my blog is to offer a form of motivation to fellow entrepreneurs and dreamers. No matter what that dream may be, with a little bit of encouragement and lots of hard work, those dreams can be a reality. Check out my blog for more(: https://craftednstyle.wordpress.com/

Published by Naomi Howard


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