Heart and Mind

The age old battle between the heart and mind will never cease.

The context of the heart and mind can vary between so many different factors. The interpretation of what those two represent can be diverse, depending on the person of course. For this particular case, the heart represents passion, and the mind represents doubt or what someone may consider to be a "smarter" choice.

When you decide that you have a dream, what's the main reason you decide not to pursue it? A fear of it failing and no being successful right? That's the mind. The doubt and fear of the unknown. We all want a stable life and be able to live comfortably, but jumping into a business or anything that you may want to achieve isn't always the best option in our minds. Being scared isn't necessarily a bad thing all the time, it makes us take some time and think about making a decision. 

Following our heart may cause us to make hasty choices. The idea of starting something new is exciting. Our hearts are full of passion and hope. In my personal opinion, the heart and mind doesn't always have to be in conflict and be on opposing sides. They can work together and the outcome could be amazing. We have something we want to accomplish. Great! Inside of jumping right in head first, let's take small steps and come up with a plan that overtime will us complete that dream we have. Success doesn't happen overnight and neither does coming up with a bulletproof strategy. 

Let’s change the world one hug at a time and don’t be afraid to shine!

Published by Naomi Howard


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