We should all be investing in whats important and what we believe in. We should invest in what will improve our situation and future. We should invest in ourselves.

Invest what makes us happy and what makes us feel like ourselves. For so long I've felt trapped in my own body. Like what's on the outside doesn't reflect what's on the inside. I have felt as though my weight has always held me back from enjoying my life. I used to want to be a model (don't judge). I love making photos and I have the height, however, my body just wasn't working for me. I can't dress how I want to because it isn't flattering for my current shape or weight. I know I'm not like Obese, but I am over weight. I'm lucky I'm tall because it spreads out, but I'm not happy I feel like I can't engaged in certain activities because I'll be slow and heavy (not talking about sex, you pervs). When I see girls skip down the street, I feel like I just can't do that.

SO I've decided to make a change. From today onwards, I'm going to be on a diet. Not just a diet, but healthy eating. I'm going to exercise every day and start yoga. It's time I take care of myself and my biggest insecurity.

I've decided I need to invest in my health and my future. I need to be at my best so that I'll have a more prosperous future. I want to be able to engage in exercise without being embarrassed or unfit and falling behind. I want to be able to grab any item of clothing and not have to worry about how it will make my thighs look or how my stomach will look.

Recently, I've developed a bit of a tummy pouch. I haven't had one for the longest time and it's super restrictive. I can't sit in certain ways in case of a "spill" and I can't wear fitted clothes that used to be flattering on my curves. 

I've decided to invest in my happiness. How can I enjoy my youth and future, if I myself am holding myself back?

As mentioned earlier, we should all invest in ourselves. Let's make these changes together and be happy and live the lives we deserve.


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Published by Naomi Hrissinis

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