10 Ways to Release Negative Feelings

10 Ways to Release Negative Feelings

Oct 6, 2017, 4:09:53 PM Life and Styles

At times we can face a bit of an emotional slump. Dealing or enduring through what life throws our way can present its own challenges, obstacles, and blockages. The emergence of negative energy can creep its way into our experience either by our environment, others or within our own being through negative self-talk.

However, we can once again balance ourselves when we experience negative or unpleasant feelings within ourselves with some great additional practices that'll help keep us receptive to positive energy flow. Here are ten ideas to help release negative feelings.

1. Breathe Deeply: Meditate

Breathing Exercises can really help center ourselves and gain emotional balance away from our negative feelings.Developing a breathing routine can assist us in reaching the throbbing points of invisible negative energy locations within ourselves.

So, as we begin to confront, release, and replace unpleasant feelings with positive pleasant ones we can gain the necessary balance and happiness we prefer.

2. Go for a Walk or A Run 

Being out in nature taking in fresh air can offer a soothing experience for the soul and helps refresh a healthier body too.

3. Draw, Paint, or Create

Releasing our energy in various artistic outlets can help express and release our negative feelings by creating art.

4. The Star Treatment: Go Shopping and treat yourself to something nice (within reason of course).

5. Write something start a blog or website

Let out your energy in a positive way you never know your story may really help someone in a similar circumstance.Writing can also help in general as it can be a creative outlet for sharing your passions.

6. Listen to Music 

Listening to music especially in frequencies scales such as solfeggio frequencies that are genuinely uplifting can assist the soul in repair. Music is a great source for healing the mind of unpleasant thoughts as well as uplifting our feelings.

7. Meet up with friends or Family

Sometimes meeting up with family or friends to share pleasant moments or interactions can assist us in altering our thought forms away from our negative feelings by switching our mind's attention onto pleasant activities.

8. Write a Nice Letter to yourself.

9. Take a Break from your phone, computer, and social media. Do something by yourself that you find pleasurable. 

This may be the most difficult for some people to do. No tech use may be challenging but most beneficial to your health and well-being. If you practice this often you may just find relief to your negative feelings. By taking time to disconnect from the world and re-center yourself in order to balance your energy can be just what your soul needs.

10. Write Down all things you are Thankful For

Yes, listing breathing does count. Taking time to focus on what you do have instead of what appears to be lacking can be the first step in accepting all the beauty or gifts that exists around you presently.

11. Read a Book 

This moment of thankfulness can include imaginative acts that are believed to exist now even though they have not yet hardened into fact on this physical plane. An attitude of gratitude is always beneficial in receiving more substance in life.

12. Read Some Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are always a good source in providing energetic food for the soul.

13. Teach Yourself something new

Knowledge is power.

14. Let yourself Cry if you need to 

Sometimes we can get caught up thinking if we Deny our feelings they will just go away but this is a sure way of making us feel even worse as time goes by.

Confronting our pain is the best way to release it so we can then accept a preferred state of being.

So cry it out no matter your gender. Release the pain and free yourself.

15. Write Down your negative thoughts and then tear up or burn the paper.

16. Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about or do something kind for someone else.

Helping others helps shift focus away from negative feelings by switching our attention towards others. while helping others from a genuine place we can operate on a love frequency that can attract positive vibrations and provide personal relief to our souls.

17. Repeat Positive Affirmations to yourself and BELIEVE THEM.

Postive thoughts invoke your imagination while repeating your affirmations believe they are happing now. Involve yourself into your imaginative act too don't just sit back and watch yourself thrive in your wishes get in there in be apart of your creative visualization exercise. Now, What does it feel like to have what it is you desire? Get full of the feeling of having what you desire.Then quietly, enter into the silence. You just planted a seed for manifestation. Good job.

18. Forgive Yourself If You Made A Mistake.

Forgiving others can be a challenge but to forgive yourself often this is overlooked. We must forgive ourselves of past deeds and live in the now so we can begin to create the future we prefer.

19. Watch a comedy film or funny comedian live or on the internet.

20. Netflix Binge Therapy or enjoy Entertainment from your favorite tv shows.

Hey, sometimes a good entertaining show helps redirect your mind and feelings into the realm of the creative imaginative pieces. 









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