How to Catch A Glimpse Of Light In Difficult Times

How to Catch A Glimpse Of Light In Difficult Times

May 30, 2017, 2:21:00 PM Opinion

In times of mourning, it can be difficult to see the light fo day. However, there is always a bright side to any experience no matter how dark the experience. How can this be? Well, every thought is formulated from our own's mind's eye, meaning it is developed from our perspective that tallies our response and determines our outcomes.

In the light of transparency, we can transcend a positive outlook by seeing what is then what isn't. This doesn't mean focusing on the evidence of our senses but slipping into a world of creative imagination. We no doubt often assume utilizing our own wonderful human imagination as a childish act or endeavor but nothing could be further from the truth. 

We are creative beings living in a totally imaginative world. Everything formulated has its first formative creation in the mind's eye that in collaboration with our own intentions nestle securely into the energy of the human heart. We think we hear but yet we don't understand that we can be the source of our reality excepting our truths and be watching them unfold into formative innovative acts. 

Cascading into the universe as blind guides in a promotion of reason isn't going to solve problems as much as people protest that mere logic provides. It is in the realm of thoughtful imagination that we transcend into our reality as beings of the divine source. Our energic calculation infused with our own will paves the way into our experiences. 

Yet, in seasons of pain and heartache, we have a choice. We have a choice of draining our own sorrows into our desired states of being that inevitably embody beauty and love or propel our souls into a state of misery living in a state of disliked outcomes.

In most cases, the light of positivity can seem dim but none the less every experience offers the light because that light exists within ourselves. We then can take courage in the value of every experience we encounter on this physically plane knowing that we are eternally reborn in an endless cycle of immortality. Our individual experiences allow our souls to travel into this material plane and explore this is the essence of what it is to be human and alive.

Published by Naomi S. Gobern

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