What To Do When It Rains

What To Do When It Rains

Feb 15, 2017, 7:00:04 PM Creative

On a perfect day it's easy to endure delightful times in the sunlight but can we endure when the refreshing rain falls. 

A renewal of certainty is needed when we behave as beings of light. We enter a phase of indifference when we neglect the divine inner truth.If we can cast away our doubts we can win conquering anything.

We serve ourselves justice when we walk in love and unity. 

Yet the storms of life happen and we endure them or not.

Many fall into despair in difficult times because they lack inner peace that propels them to see beyond the evidence of their current senses and enter into the realm of imagination to capture their wish fulfilled with their feelings. Therefore, by sensing beyond the realm of our current state by envisioning a new preferred existence or experience we can reach a more favorable outcome into this physical plane.

Now is the time. Past and future states occur in one collaborating shift to what we end up experiencing in our reality. We have the divine power within to shape on how we experience this life into what we prefer or into what we dread. The choice resides within us and our perceptions.

Published by Naomi S. Gobern

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