Festival Essentials: Your Checklist for Day Festivals (EDC/Ultra Europe)

Festival Essentials: Your Checklist for Day Festivals (EDC/Ultra Europe)

It’s been a while since my last post, as I was away on my long awaited holiday!

Where have I been?
Firstly, I went to the EDC Festival on 9th July in Milton Keynes then 5 days later, I jetted off to Split, Croatia for some exploring and Ultra Music Festival (upping the game in festivals from EDC, for me anyway!) then finishing off the holiday in Dubrovnik.

But let’s focus on the festivals here. My last music festival I attended was back in 2014 when I went to Summer Sonic in Osaka which you can read about it HERE. Since then, I’ve been yearning to go to more and now that I have moved back to the UK, it’s time to explore the festivals in the UK and Europe!

EDC and Ultra Music Festival didn’t require you to camp over night as they were day festivals. Ultra was spread over 3 days (so you can go home to sleep during the day, then do it all again from 5pm onwards)!

Ultra main stage
So what the heck do you bring to day festivals?

July is at the height of summer so it’s hot hot HOT! Here is my list of essential and a few extras I brought with me:

This may seem obvious but make sure that you have printed out your festival tickets and your bus/train/tram tickets – Book and plan your travel in advance because you don’t want to run the risk of; queues, no seat, paying extra etc on the day. You want your day to flow as smooth as possible when it comes to big crowds.

You will usually need some form of identification when you go to collect your wristbands/tickets at the gates. You can use your passport, your driving licence or something with your ID and photo on. Your name must match your name on the ticket!

Getting there
Drivers: Thanks to GPS apps for your mobile phone or your car, you can easily get to the venue, but make sure you have viewed the event site map of where you can park and check for any road diversions around the event. Your GPS may not pick these up.
Trains and Buses: Check which station you need to get off and where you have to go once you come out of the station. Usually at this point, I’ll get ‘ol Mr. Google maps out to see where I am to get my bearings, if not, there should be groups of people also headed to the venue and in that case… follow the crowd!
Site map and Festival apps: You should be able to pick up a map at the gates or there will be a large map somewhere around the gates, you can take a photo of this on your phone and use that as your map reference for the venue. What I found really useful was the festival app you can download prior to going. EDC and Ultra both had apps where you can see the lineup, make your own schedule as a personal timetable of the acts you want to see and which event stage they are at. Updates are also posted here to keep you alert of any changes to the lineup etc.

Screenshot of the EDC and Ultra mobile app

Cards and cash
I would suggest bringing BOTH, nowadays festivals will have the ‘contactless’ option to pay which is quicker and time efficient but just in case there is some error in the system, ‘Cash is King’. I had this problem at Ultra, your wristband is fitted with a chip where you can load it up with money to pay for drinks, merchandise and food. Their system crashed and you were unable to pay using your chip, nor your card. Frustrating if you have no cash!

Ultra wristband
Sun lotion
Bring a mini bottle of sun lotion, you will be outdoors all day and you don’t want to fry your skin. Keep watch of your face when you have your sunglasses on – Goggle tan. Don’t forget to put lotion on your scalp/hair parting (I always make this mistake… it hurts). Remember to reapply and don’t burn!

Temperatures can reach beyond the 30’s (Celcius) at the height of summer (in the UK and various parts of Europe):
Hat (with a peak) – This will help cover your eyes and some of your face from the beaming sun (you can buy a festival hat at merchandise - awesome souvenir).
Bag (bumbag/over shoulder bag/small back pack) – Unless you have someone who will help you carry your stuff or have nice deep pockets, you would need to small sturdy bag to put your essentials in for the day
- Ultra did not allow back packs into the venue (i.e. like an Eastpack) as part of their policy and you would have to buy a transparent back pack at the gates.
Comfy shoes – I’m a sneaker kinda girl so I usually wear a pair of Vans or Converse. You need shoes that you will be comfy standing (and dancing to) for long periods of time. Also, in case someone stands on your feet… it won’t hurt as much.
Sunnies – It’s summer and it’s bright. Keep your eyes happy in the sun.
Cover/Hoodie/Jacket – Especially in the UK, once the sun disappears the temperature drops. A thin light weight jacket or even a running jacket will keep you warm.

Girls at EDC
Kand N hat
Summersonic converse
EDC crowd cropped
Country Flag - Be loud and proud to show where you are from or representing! The festival will most likely be filmed (and for live streams) and photographed to death so make your mark!

Ultra flag crowd
Photo by Ultra Europe

Hand sanitiser – We all know when it comes to big crowds, the toilet situation will be interesting... Or, you might drop sauce on your hands from eating that hot dog. Bring sanitiser to keep your hands feeling fresh throughout the day.

Charger/Spare battery – For your phone/camera. You would probably want to photograph your day from beginning to end as a photo diary. Also, it’s convenient to have some juice on your phone – to call a taxi, get in touch with your friends you have separated from, know the time etc.
Note: At EDC, the reception was low to no reception and was difficult to send texts so forget facebook updates.

Getting home
Make sure you keep your house keys safe to get home and rest those tired feet. You will be jumping and throwing shapes all over the festival to your favourite tune and things can drop out of your bag and pockets. So make sure your keys and your valuables (i.e. your cards, cash, phone, camera) are safely strapped to you!

Lastly: Keep hydrated!! You might enjoy a few drinks during the day along with your creative dance moves, but don't forget to hydrate with some water in between.

Es and Nat
N xo
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