Be an Early Bird

Be an Early Bird

The question is ‘Are you an early bird’? Do you think getting up earlier than you need to be and planning your day ahead is necessary? Maybe your one of those who get up last minute and rush, making your whole day feel rushed!

Do you know how you start off in the morning normally predicts your whole day?…

For example if you wake up in a good mood, raring to go and ready to take on the world with a positive mindset and great attitude that NOTHING will effect your day because you won’t allow it to then you’re day will be great and go to plan and only attract positivity to you.

HOWEVER… Try wake up first thing LATE… in bad mood and really tired. How do you predict your day will go?

Your day will go from bad to worse!

You will continue to let things get to you and put you down. Your mindset!?? Well that’s not ping to be positive… is it?

So check out my image below and try it… It will help you and your day!

First set that alarm earlier than you need to get up. Don’t jump out of bed and start rushing. Get up an hour before and take the day in its stride.

1) theses less distraction in the morning, get up before the kids or your partner and just relax and look forward to your day. 

2) exercise gets your blood pumping, so have a jog, do some home workouts which will only take 5/10 minutes and this will get you pumped for the day!

3) successful people are already doing it, so be like them. If you want to be successful in life in your job or your career then think successful. If you act like your there your half way there – Positive Mental Attitude.

4) you’ll be more productive as you’ll be doing things for yourself not waiting for others. Be a leader not a follower!

5) you will have time for breakfast. The main important meal of the day to give you energy and a boost for the rest of your day. Miss your breakfast and you’ll feel sluggish and feel you have less energy as well as being terribly hungry .

6)you’ll be happier over all. That’s a fact!

So try it!… Try waking up earlier, having a positive attitude and ready to take on your day and watch your day be a good one. But do it every meat and watch your life change – FOR THE BETTER!

Published by Natasha Hansell

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Aug 11, 2016, 2:47:11 AM

Well Written..:)

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