A memo to myself and maybe you. Enjoy life!!

A memo to myself and maybe you. Enjoy life!!

Usually i would use my writing time to let you all know about my challenge and my hopefully amusing writing style (This is the part where you all nod heads) but as i sit here applying to Job upon Job , Educational institute among institute , i felt i have to canvas this. 

How good do we actually have it?! 

(warning , this is pretty DEEEEEEEEEEEP) 

Today i woke up in a comfy bed , nuzzled in the fibers of orthopedic dressage. I got up and went to the bathroom to do my thing. I went downstairs and ate Eggs, Bread and Oats. I went out for morning cardio , i watched anime, i did academic stuff. 

This sounds boring on a list , but bear with me......

The human psyche is designed to overreach in life , as humans we are relatively unsatisfied about settling for just the norm , we want bigger experiences , fatter paychecks and more honors bestowed upon us. As a regular gym rat who is on his way to his first competition , i overreach all the time. I overreached to a point where i became horribly depressed (currently winning , and for people who are reading this who suffer from depression , we're all behind you, you can beat this shite). 

But what if we dissect my opening daily routine to just attach some logic : 

I woke up in a comfy bed (Pretty sure billions didn't this morning) 

I woke up warm (Pretty sure billions woke up cold and possibly sweaty)

I went to a bathroom and did my thing (Pretty sure billions hobbled on walking assistance or didn't even have a bathroom at all to take advantage of) 

I ate (pretty sure people this morning didn't have this luxury of actually digesting clean warm food) 

I went out for morning cardio (Pretty sure millions of arthritis sufferers and people who cannot find a space to do this didn't) 

I watched Anime (Pretty sure billions of folk do not have laptops or any viewing devices whatsoever) 

I did academic stuff (Pretty sure you should always hold learning and education as one of the biggest privileges you have as a human being)  

Writing it like that , you begin to see how blessed your life is. 

People often wonder how i get excited over small things and stuff. And in reality , its because i love the small stuff. It makes things become big (Now is not the time for a Giggity). I think sometimes in the hunt for those bigger paychecks , bigger biceps and bigger reps , and even bigger audiences we often lose track of actually how good we have it due to our need for more , more and even more. 

I will never say don't hustle for anything large or what you don't deserve , go for it , be the best and biggest you can be in this life, kill it! But sometimes , breathe , take a step back , appreciate those awesome little tidbits that make life so fucking fantastic. Imagine that this could all be a pipe-dream , and that we were blessed to live our lives like we do. 

Lets rephrase my day again: 

I woke up (What a miracle that is! My body responded to an alarm whilst sleeping , indicating that my hearing works , WOW!) 

I woke up warm (I get to keep my body temperature between 34 and 38 degrees allowing for no frostbite or hyperventilation , allowing my body to do its thing , AWESOME!) 

I went to the bathroom and did my thing (I get to wash myself!? I wont stink?! I get to relieve myself and empty my tank .....  something i was twitching over?! SICK!) 

I Ate (OH MY DAYS I GET TO LIVE THIS?! i get to fire up 10'000 tastebuds and give them an old fashioned ? JHEEZE) 

I went out for morning cardio (I get to burn fat and keep my cardiovascular health in check whilst taking in awesome views? STOP IT!) 

I watched Anime (I get to watch a story on a viewing device and absorb said story whilst having most of my senses operational?! THIS IS CRAZY) 

I did academic stuff (I get to learn stuff?! BOOM) 

Now , obviously i wouldn't start appearing like i'd just snorted the finest lines of Narcos when sitting down to watch TV. Or rant and rave about the color of grass to sweet Old lady Annie and her Terrier called Peggy as i ran around the park .  Because that would be pretty weird , even for my standards (And im pretty sure it would be a felony) . But when life is described like this , its crazy to think how good life can be if you apply this logic. So if you're sitting there , debating on which pair of NIADIUNDYEEZI 7670's you want to buy or what car you want to drive or whether you want GINO's Pizza or Bob's Burgers (I love you H Jon Benjamin)  , just bask in that little oasis of choice you have. Just enjoy it. And then , just appreciate what a great life you have.Get a little positive hippy spin on everything!  

When your curling iron in the Gym or exercising , take note that you have body parts that are being filled to the brim with blood , creating mind-blowing pumps and creating little feel good chemicals in your brain which allows you to have happier days and happy times in the sack, which is never bad. 

You know what?

Today i woke up warm , went to the bathroom , ate , did morning cardio and watched anime. 

That's a pretty damn good day. 




Published by Nathan Barnes

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