Day 12 : Eating out on a budget

Day 12 : Eating out on a budget


The best things in life really are free #Views


Ok , so today after rooting around my unpacked bags i managed to find £5 locked up within a Credit Union account that i completely forgot about.



Day 12 was already off to a flyer , and as i sat down to digest the last remaining egg whites i had in my fridge , the cash was already seemingly burning my pocket to an extent where my tibia was holed through. I have £5 you know .That’s more than i had yesterday and enabled me to think about how this would benefit myself. I haven’t paid for a full meal out yet (Excusing the free Burger) so decided i would set something in motion.

Eating out on a budget.

Something clicked in my head , I remember when i used to dine out at YoSushi and hammer the Miso soup before eating my weight in Ramen and Sushi. £2.20 could get you unlimited Miso Soup , guess that was today’s meal! Id overdose on Miso then go home , content and still with , plus , with my student YoSushi discount i could get it hammered down to £1.75. Happy days.

I’m a big believer in Miso soup by the way  , the electrolyte balance , Complete proteins and greens found in Miso do wonders for the body. As well as the addition of Ginger for heart health and Tofu for its nutritional content ,  its a decent little meal.


So anyways , hit up Yo sushi for cheap ass Miso. My target was to completely destroy the place and embarrass myself by getting 20 bowls , equating to around 8p a bowl and leaving the waiters equally confused on why i didn’t require any of my usual. It was around the 3rd bowl where my waiter appeared to think ‘What the hell is this guy doing?’ as i began to order more.

Around the 8th or 9th bowl i started to become incredibly sick of the taste of Miso , it really started to suck, too much of  a good thing and all that. So i tapped out , faked a phone call and asked for the bill (Phones are a wonder for a distraction tools or to break the awkwardness of situations  ,  sellers on the street and people promoting various campaigns have succumbed to my talks to an ‘Auntie Mabel’- great saver of time).

So whatever your budget , there are ways to eat out and be a massive cheapskate , don’t hate , i’m fed……. even if it looks cheap AF.

Another little interesting thing discovered whilst on this little journey of mine , is that in order to reach the depths of having no money , you have to do things that appear slightly weird and out of the ordinary. Exchanging thoughts that appear embarrassing for things becomes the norm , don’t be afraid to be a skinflint. I’ve also discovered whilst on this thing that stuff hardly appears out of the insane norm , but its crazy how easy these things can get without noticing. Even writing this blog my Grammar has slightly improved , my mental health has got better by not obsessing over money, 18 days without anti depressants and counting!

Also started to get the ball rolling on the next challenge , really excited to start rolling out the plans and the things i’m going to use. Also started to ring round fitness companies and health companies , hopefully that will bear fruit in regards to little samples i could promote.

Also , anyone ever bought this? and if so, why?! Must be a Junkie for the internet…..


Tip for saving money:

If you go to an ‘All you can eat’ Buffet , take Tupperware. (Not even bothered if you are calling me cheap when i’m munching Chicken wings on the daily whilst you ain’t got none.

Finding an ‘All you can eat’ buffet is next to stock up on scran!😀

Yours in cheapskate elderly broth

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