Day One , lets get it!!!

Day One , lets get it!!!

Woke up at 9am due to spending a stupid amount of time trawling through voucher sites the night before, searched a lot in regards to  ‘enter to claim’ Vouchers (Which im pretty sure if i give my name and number there’s 1/5 odds that i get kidnapped by an Albanian in the middle of the night and auctioned off into the sex trade then rescued by Liam Neeson)

So today is the first day of the challenge , and how do we start a day of such magnitude?

Breakfast. Yussaaaaaaaaaaar!

Managed to find a bottle of left over Egg whites in my fridge along with an unhealthy expiration date on a low fat – low sugar brand of spreadable cheese (it’ll be eaten , i once ate soggy chips off a Liverpool high street floor at 2:30 in the morning so im practically going to live forever) , also found the dregs of an incredibly low sugar peri peri sauce in my empty cupboard and a sachet of Strong coffee from when i made the pilgrimage to Bodypower (Praise reserved entirely to the free stash team!)

Checked my betting accounts for the slightest whiff of a free bet , to no avail …😦

Currently trawling through websites such as / free products and other stuff , also made a post on offering my services as a general favor giver (Get your head out of the gutter) in exchange for food , saw a gentleman offer seeds and soil bases for free so that’s something im definitely considering …..can you eat flowers?

(I couldnt sell my services due to me not being a fridge or a desk or drawers , turns out you cant sell services , bad times) ,

Left the house to head for town to test out my will and resolve , skipped onto the bus with one more valid day on my pass in hand , only to be told it had ran out , banter. Having made the dash back to my abode and in what ensued a bottom up of my room , i managed to find 4. 70 in loose change , two boots £1 gift vouchers , a rare 50p olympics coin and a betting slip for 1.70. HUZAH! I gladly stumped up 3.95 for a full days travel and WIFI (YES WIFI < ON A BUS <WATTBA) and happily made my way to the gym to help out my Friend Darren at a 5% Nutrition taste test, and a quick workout.

With the last 2 quid burning a hole in my pocket , i opted for low sugar ritz crackers and a Raspberry bag of oatmeal for lunch, a lunch of champions (Brah , do you even meal prep). Then met up with Darren and we helped promote samples of  of the products at a well known gym. Darren was my saving grace today , speaks volumes about a man who will donate chicken to a friend in the slightest worry that he’ll go hungry , and he gave me a Protein Flapjack , which of course , is what the kids call :Bae.

Also managed to accept a very generous offer of a ride home from Lindsay , which helped massively in terms of time management (You rock Lindz!)

Now as i sit here contemplating a full night of voucher hunting and competition entering , as well as seeing if any potential gambles may be an option,Its actually mad strange how we look at money. Even in simple things such as getting a bus and having no money to get on , i panicked. How can silver and gold coins make us panic? I felt like an addict who didn’t have a hit in the vein , like id just dropped a pizza on the floor. Its weird isnt it? There were points today i felt awesome about this 30 days , then at moments full panic set in , it was like the mood swings associated with bipolar disorder , should we feel this bad over currency when time is apparently worth millions?

Also , interesting fact discovered whilst prowling the internet:

Romania is one of the most cheapest places to live in Europe. Based off stats provided by , a kilo of chicken breast comes to around 17 Lei , which at current exchange rates comes to around £3.24. Madness.

If you were to live in the city of Timisoara you would also enjoy that…….

A pint of the local booze is 90p.

A kilo of cheese is £2.94

And a one bedroom apartment in the city centre (Central) is £180 a month

I pay 300 for a room per month in a suburb of a cheap northern district , £3 a pint , £5 for chicken and £2.94 for some bomb ass cheese would get me around a lb’s worth in England.

Mental that.

In closing , Im off to live in Timisoara , Inabit.



Summary of my day

Number of Haggles : 0 (One day i will haggle , today is not that day)

Todays living experience : Working out with a friend, Helping a taste test demo , riding in a PT cruiser :OOOOOO (My new Favourite car!😀 )

Days totals: 7.95 (£4 on food , 13 left to spent)

Bus Pass :3.95 , Gluten free ritz crackers : £1 , Raspberry Oatmeal £1 , chicken portion £2.

Freebies: One oat bar , a shaker and 5% Stickers (One time for my 5% brother Darren!)  good friends and a text off mum saying shes joined a gym (Yes , im a proud son , stfu)

Poa for tommorow : Join at least 5 voucher sites , enter competition , chase up mis payments , eat more , sort out future. Plan to live off £13 this week. Think of funny little schemes which will pay dividends someday. Declutter my room in the event of donating to charity. 

Yours in life changing little things 


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