11 Ways to NOT Die in College for Newcomers (Part 2)

Summer has finally come to an end and college has begun for a lot of us. I have conducted a list here specifically towards new college students! This year will be my fourth year as a college student, so MAYBE I know juuuust enough to advise you all.

Before I start, first and foremost, yay!!! Congratulations to all you new college students who got accepted to college. Your hard work really paid off! Whether you got into a institution that you wanted or did not want, enjoy the experience(s) and starvation!

1. Don't Overpack

Remember, you have a limited amount of space so only bring items that you will actually use and need so as not to clutter and overwhelm yourself when you unpack and ESPECIALLY when you pack to go back home. Come'on, two outfits will only be needed each week!

2. Get a Weather App

I personally think this is a really important app to have when you're in college especially when you have classes all day. I would recommend using the Yahoo! Weather app, or any app that will tell you the weather and temperature throughout the day. I also like how the Yahoo! Weather app tells you the wind and pressure of the day because if you're a girl, you need to know this whether you should have your hair up or down! My room used to be across the flag, so every morning I would look at the flag to estimate how fast the wind might be. When deciding what to wear, how to do your hair, or whether you should bring an umbrella these features are all very useful when getting ready for the day.

3. Buy Your Textbooks Online

I always buy my textbooks online because they are WAAAAY cheaper compared to the school bookstore. However, I don't buy them if I need them soon because shipping does take a while. For my textbooks, I purchase the used ones on Barnes and Nobles and they are only $1.99-$13.99! I know, $13.99 is still expensive but I'm pretty sure some of your other textbooks will be cheaper so it should be okay! So save yourself some cash and buy your books online! Remember to check and read the reviews before you do and also order ahead of time because some books do tend to arrive late....which sucks!

4. Do Your Reading

This is sooooo important! Do not fall behind on your reading schedule for your classes. It will suck because you will fall behind and be clueless of what is going on in class or discussion. If reading is required for writing essays, discussions, or exams, READ THOSE BOOKS! You paid an insane amount of money for those books so you best be reading them! When I took Shakespeare, I got lazy reading the plays and another textbook required and guess what? You had to read them in order to pass the exams, which I knew but was just asking for it. You best believe I spent two weeks prior to that exam binge reading those plays. Have you ever read Shakespeare's plays?!

I still passed though. So save yourselves and read!

5. Get Used to Living in the Library

I live at the library. I study there. I do my research there. I nap there. Be prepare to spend most of your time at the library. Along with this, remember to take advantage of your library and their resource. Do not just rely on Google and Wikipedia (everybody knows not to use Wikipedia)! Your professors will likely not accept sources from Google. I was and still am intimidated by researching and using the library, but do not be afraid to do research in the library. It's there for a reason. For you.

6. Don't be Afraid to Poop

As scary as it may be pooping in a public restroom, it's going to be awfully scary pooping while someone is brushing their teeth but when you have to go, you gotta go! (Also wash your hands. Don't be those people who don't...)

7. Brush Teeth While Showering and Don't Pee in Shower

Just do it. It saves time in the morning! If you want to get crazier, brush your teeth while washing your hair too! Lastly, do not pee in the shower. Be smart when you do and cover the smell with shampoo!


Did you know that those who sit in the front are more likely to do well in the class? Just something my high school English professor told me when I was the only one who sat in front for the exam.

"I guess you're my only A," he said softly knocking on my desk.

9. Explore Studies

You may have decided your major before you started college, but it never hurts to change it or explore your options. I changed majors and minors so many times, and I still am not satisfied with what I am studying right now. I guess I am just a wanderer, but that's okay! I like to learn and grow. I don't like sticking to just one hobby or study. I feel like there is so much to explore and know that I possibly couldn't just stick to one thing only. However, if you find a major you absolutely love and will enjoy doing it for the rest of your life, go ahead and chase your dream! Like what American writer and poet Charles Bukowski said, "Find what you love and let it kill you." <3

10. Be Yourself

Oh god, so cliche but so true! This is one of the healthiest ways that you can be happy! During my first and second year of college, I've felt so pressured to be "athletic" or "sporty" just because everyone was and I felt like the only way to fit in or have fun was to play sports and go to these events. However, after 2 years of feeling disappointed of myself, I decided I don't care anymore because HOW BORING RIGHT?! Not to be mean, but HOW BORING! Every event is like, "Hey! LETS PLAY THIS SPORT!" or "Did anyone bring a volleyball!" LIKE DANG. I know this might be offensive towards sporty people, but if you are NOT sporty, trust me, it is a bore. I felt so limited to my options. It sucked.

One day, I finally decided that I want no part in this "sporty" life because ball is not life to me. (Sims is. Ha ha ha). So I started doing things that I like and enjoy even if it meant doing it by myself, not that I have not been doing this. I love being alone and spending time with myself; it's rejuvenating! Don't judge me!

11. Enjoy Yourself

Lastly, try to enjoy yourself and stress less. This is something that I struggle with greatly. Don't get so overwhelmed with assignments. Take breaks. Take naps. Find time for yourself and do things you enjoy. A grade is just a letter. C'S GET DEGREES! If you tried your hardest in a class and did not get a certain letter grade, don't feel bad. As long as you learned something, you are still great!


Of course I can go on forever on tips for surviving college, but I'll just leave these 11 tips with you readers and you can learn from here on out! I wish all you new college students the greatest journey! Don't try to find yourself. Nothing is static. You are always changing. But always grow, bloom, and flourish!

Take care of yourself and be safe. <3

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