A Frustration of Dreams

Sometimes I have dreams where I'm given a gift to open, but then I wake up BUMMED. Sometimes I have dreams where I get to eat a delicious-looking meal, but then I wake up, slurping and holding an imaginary spoon.

Just recently I had a dream about asking my significant other a really important question to me, in the context of that dream, but I woke up!

I'm sure a lot of us experience this frustrating moment when we wake up in the climax of our dream or when we're going to die in our dream. I was actually pondering about this after having the previous dream. What if death isn't the only thing that makes you wake up? But an answer? The truth?

That present you are about to open is going to be empty, but you wake up before knowing. That delicious bowl of food you are about to taste is actually horrible, but you wake up before knowing. (Both experiences have actually happened to me a lot of times.)

What if you wake up because you can't find out about the truth just yet? Or it'll kill you?

It's actually frustratingly sad. I wish I could go on about this but this would actually take a lot of time to do research on, but it would be interesting.


Please tell me what you think! It would be so great and insightful to hear your thoughts about this "theory," I would assume, and the profound subject of 'dreams.'


Published by Nee Vang


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