Get Off Your Phone, Go Bike!

Don't you hate it when you are hanging out with someone and they whip out their phone to check their social media or to snapchat? (I HATE THESE PEOPLE WHO SNAPCHAT EVERYTHING) Or during family time or even when you see someone walking at the park who is staring down at their phone?

I see parents who are on their phones at the park/playground with their children. Shouldn't you take this time to play and bond with your child? I am surrounded by people who always stop biking just to message someone back on Facebook and people who have their phones glued to their hands to snapchat every little detail about their life.

Please stop!! You are hurting my little soul! It pains me to see you refresh Facebook every minute and snapchat every second of your life! It makes me want to shove that phone down your throat! If it is urgent, go ahead, but if it's just to look at "dank" memes, pictures of cats, or posting a selfie I'm pretty sure you can hold yourself back.

I try not to do the above because it can come off very annoying and rude. When I am at the park, taking a walk, or doing any sort of nature-y activity I usually put my phone away because I like to enjoy my walks with nature.

I feel bad for those who can't seem to get off their gadgets. You do not understand how much you are missing!

Look at the trees and the sky. Look at everything around you! During night time, where the windows into people's house are often very visible because of their lights, I love to take a glance through them when I'm driving past. I don't know why, but I love it! (I know. It's a creepy thing to do. I've been told that.) It gives me a sense of who the people living in that house are, what that house is like, and it's just aesthetically pleasing sometimes. Also, do observe people. Make up a story for them, guess their favorite color, give them a name.

Lastly, go on a bike ride! I love bike rides. Even if it's just a ride around your neighborhood, I promise you you will see something cool, different, and beautiful every time.

Sooooo, I implore you to open your eyes. Put that phone down, even if you have to cut your hands off. Maybe even be courageous enough to deactivate your Facebook. Find a hobby and do it everyday. Go outside. Be curious. Do stuff and thaaangs. Enjoy and embrace everything you see! Don't have someone force you to look at the flowers. You'll miss it.

I wish you well on your journey to freeing yourself of your gadget.

Published by Nee Vang


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