This Too Shall Pass

A month ago I had a heartfelt talk with my father about life, death, and suicide. He said you should never hate your life to the extent that you would kill yourself because it is not worth it. Life goes on, he said. Whatever you may be struggling with now, whether it be poverty, unemployment, sadness, loneliness, or anything, it will all pass. If you are dealing with poverty, one day you will bathe yourself in riches. If you are dealing with sadness, one day you will find a reason to smile. If you are dealing with failure, one day you will find success. One day you will shine. You may feel like you are at your lowest right now, but one day it will get better. Everything has its time and place.

In high school I wrote a list of all my fears and all the things that were weighing me down or causing me to stress - tomorrow, school, classes, relationships, graduation, college, unnecessary little things. There were around a hundred things I thought of. I found that list a few days before I had that conversation with my father and while reading that list I realized that I conquered a lot of the things on it.

At that time, I was scared of upcoming tests and essays, not graduating, finding a college that would accept me, doubtful of my relationship, DRIVING, and many other unnecessary fears and worries (now that I reflect back). But here I am! I graduated, got into a good college, found a job (just a job on campus, but ya know...anything to pass by), am in a happy relationship, AND FINALLY GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!! (Super stoked!)

Time has gone by and I have conquered so much from that list without even knowing. 95% of the list has been crossed out and it feels so good! Victorious! A lot of the time I feel as if I am a total failure and disappointment to my family and myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm not going anywhere compared to all my friends or people on Facebook, but I look at that list and realize that I have overcome so much and I will continue to!

The fears and everything that stressed me back then I overcame them. Slowly but surely. And I too will also overcome these worries and fears I have now. So these fears and worries that you have now you will eventually face it one day. It will scare you, but you will have conquered it, finally.

Just remember that nothing lasts forever - people, objects, memories, feelings, fears, and worries. Life has its ways, and you will find a way. A way of learning and growing. A way of conquering and overcoming. As the common saying goes, "This too shall pass."

Published by Nee Vang


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