How can I publish my journal article for free?

How can I publish my journal article for free

How can I publish my journal article for free?

Jun 7, 2021, 7:48:15 AM Tech and Science

As a researcher or scholar, everyone wants to know how can I publish my journal article for free. They do so to ensure that their work is visible to their target audience apart from these scholars also has a lot of questions regarding the type of journal available and their pricing. Here are answers to some common questions that arise in the mind of researchers.

The Answers to Can I publish my paper without paying any fee to a journal:

Yes, it is possible to publish your paper in any leading journal without any fees. But make sure that such journals follow a difficult screening process and so your work should be unique, informative, and free from errors for publishing your work in such journals.

The Answers to is it free to publish in Elsevier:

Elsevier provides paper publication facilities for free. A researcher is surely lucky if he gets his paper published on such sites as it provides higher visibility of your paper.

The Answers to What scientific journals are free to publish:

Many reputed journals provide paper publishing facilities without any charges. Some of the popular ones are-

  1. Plant Production Journal
  2. Scientia Horticulture Journal
  3. Newzealand Journal of agriculture research
  4. Turkish journal of agriculture and forestry, and many more

Remember to read the “guide to author” section of the journal in which you are planning to publish your work. Following the rules and format of the journal will enhance your chance for paper publication.

IJSRET has solutions to all your answers regarding how can I publish my journal article for free. It is one of the leading journals that provide paper publication services to several scholars, researchers, and students. You can showcase your work to a wider audience with this particular journal. 

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