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Hello everyone! I am Neeti Sharma from Kathmandu, Nepal and a media and communication student at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, India. 

I often ask myself " Where do I belong? " because I seriously do not know. What I know for sure is that I do not belong to the same place as yesterday and that I won't be anywhere near this place in the future. Then, I tell myself " I will figure it out. "

Writing for me, is the process of figuring it out, as well as running away from it. I write about what I believe in, the world I live in and about my experiences. I am also an active blogger at I usually write poems, quotes and stories. I am highly driven by the belief that there is a greater energy which guides and connects us all and thru my writings I try and unravel the mysteries for all to see. 

I hope you enjoy reading what I write!
Lots of Love.

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