Oct 24, 2016, 8:52:02 AM Creative

With admiration he looks up to the sky,
inviting challenges that the world has to offer.
I see he has found us,
I tell my love.
A few months later.
Swoon over from beneath his skin,
on her quirky ways,
the new soul felt free.
What a clear mind could do he knew.
So, he set her high,
helped her soul fly.
They both roam around the space, feeling divine.
Oh! the power that love has...
people are yet to see.
But, I can see a few more souls
emerging from beneath the surface of the concrete jungle,
escaping from the tied up mess.
There's twinkle in my eyes,
My dear looks at me and smiles.
I tell him, "Thank you, for setting me free". 

Published by Neeti Sharma

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