Sorry Wrong Number

Sorry Wrong Number

Sep 1, 2016, 1:47:59 AM Life and Styles

With trembling fingers, she typed the number 
Watched it for more than 10 minutes
Thinking whether to dial or not...

This was a story of last few weeks. But today she didn't think after typing the number. She dialed.

His voice made her numb, the voice she loved listening to... She heard his voice but unable to speak anything... Call disconnected.
She again tried, he said 'Hello'... she disconnected immediately.

She was in ocean of thoughts. Why did she call him! She knew his voice will break her. But then may be this was it... The end of the story... End of his presence in her life...

After a while she messaged on his number... "Sorry. Wrong number."
And these three words meant a lot to her. The story that once started with a serendipity, came to an end... 


Published by Neha

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