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I wanted to talk about a specific thing today.
Did you know that you can be multi-talented or use your brain in such a way that you can do anything?

See, nothing is impossible. Everything that you say that you can’t do, you can actually do it.
It’s all in your brain.

I said in my previous posts – Your brain is your most strong muscle. Train it well.

So, I was talking to a friend of mine and I love challenging stuffs. I was saying that I wanted to do something more in my life, something which will rack my brain. And she was like, ” but you’re a blogger, you fall in the writing – category, how will you be able to do analytical stuffs?”
And, I was like, “huh? what kind of logic is that?”

Seriously, What the fuck kind of logic is that? 

I do agree with the fact that at some point of life, we all have to choose a specific career path in which we will grow professionally. But, does that mean just because you are an engineer or an investment banker, so you can’t be a photographer? If you are a motivational speaker, you can’t be a doctor as well?
That’s what the society is teaching us?

How many lives we have? One. We haven’t found the Lazarus Pits yet so that I can come back to life and live again.
We have one life. Yet, most people don’t live it fully.

Peeps, you CAN have it all.
Do what you Love. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to stick to only one stuff till you die. Why lead such a boring life just because everyone been doing it?
You can be multi-talented!

People just don’t realise how much there is inside of them.
Discover Yourself. You will be AMAZED!
STOP underestimating your brain – Seriously STOP.

Your brain is powerful and it can do anything.
You can deal with mathematics and be a writer as well. (That’s me!)

Make a list on what you love – what excites you – what makes you alive & just do it!

Yeah, I know there will be FEAR..fear of rejection.. fear of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.
Fear? What’s fear? Oh, that’s just the feeling you get when you watch horror pictures.

I love photography. I love capturing moments. I love taking amazing pictures.
But, I’m not a photographer. It’s my personal hobby and it makes me happy.
A week back, I was looking at 500px popular pictures & I got the feeling of posting my pictures on 500px.
So, there it was – The Fear who said, “Neha, you’re not even an amateur photographer & you wanna post your pics among those professional photographers? Don’t do it. They will laugh at you. You will just ridicule yourself on this path.”

So, I agreed with my fear, “True, fear. You’re right. It was a stupid idea, I will just ridicule myself on that platform.” And, it was the end of it.


Yeah, I didn’t say that. I said, “Shut up, Fear. You no longer get to take my decisions for myself.”

I was gonna try. I’ll put my first picture, if I don’t get any response or views I will just remove it. End of Story. But, I need to try first.
And, BOOM!
The views were pouring. My first picture got into the Popular Category.

See, you can Have it All. You Can do whatever you love.
Don’t limit yourself. Don’t restrict your happiness.
Why put boundaries on what you love to do or on who you wanna be?

IF you want to join my photography world, here’s a glimpse on what you will be getting:

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Happy Monday🙂

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