Future of Mechatronics Engineering in India

Future of Mechatronics Engineering in India

Sep 30, 2021, 7:07:28 AM News

Mechatronics in simple words means technology which is a combination of electronics and mechanical engineering. Mechatronics engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on the integration of mechanical, electronic, electrical engineering systems and robotics. It is a multi-disciplinary field that merges the skill sets needed in the contemporary, advanced automated manufacturing industry. This branch is responsible to create simpler, smarter systems in all the engineering branches. It plays a crucial role in the growth of automation and the manufacturing field. 


B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering: A typical academic course for this branch of engineering comprises a wide range of education in the basics of standards and principles of Mechatronics, computer and mechanical engineering. Mechatronics engineering mainly focuses on various sections of mechatronics such as modelling, sensors, controllers, real-time computer interfacing and actuators. A graduate in this course can work on different aspects of technology which involves control systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and expert systems. 

If a student is planning for a career in mechatronics engineering then they should enrol themselves for an undergraduate programme followed by a masters degree.


Reasons to become a mechatronics engineer:


Increasing demand: With the advancement of technology, the need for smart systems will rise eventually. As the business advances and the adoption of automation systems will increase thus leading to an increase in demand for these professionals. 


Less competitive: This field is new and saturated in comparison to other branches of engineering. Most of the branches of engineering are over-saturated with a high number of graduates passing each year, resulting in a lack of employment and high competition. Since this field is new, the number of graduates passing out each year is not too high. Thus the job market is also not crowded, making it less competitive to get jobs in this field.


Numerous areas of Application: Mechatronics has wide areas of applications compared to other branches of engineering. These applications vary from nanotechnology, biomedical systems, automation, robotics, computer science, electrical systems and mechanical systems. 


Variety of job prospects: The variety of applications creates better prospects for graduates. The graduates can choose to build a career out of numerous applications as mentioned above. They are not confined or limited in their approach to making a career in engineering. 


Global scope: If someone is looking for a career outside India, then this profession can offer them the opportunity to work abroad. Developed countries are always in search of good professionals in the field of robotics, nanotechnology and biomechatronics. Salary packages offered to these professionals is also quite good.


The future of mechatronics engineering is very bright. Since it’s a combination of mechanical and electronics, it is needed in the manufacturing of any device, machine or gadget. Mechatronics holds the capability to build machines that are aware of their surroundings and can make decisions. The world is advancing in developing more such machines which won’t need human assistance. Therefore, candidates passing out from B.Tech in mechatronics engineering will always have numerous job prospects. In India, this course is offered only by a handful of good universities. Although, there are some engineering colleges in Hyderabad that offer this course which candidates should look into.

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