Medical Laboratory Technician- A Productive And Valuable Field

Medical Laboratory Technician- A Productive And Valuable Field

Dec 29, 2021, 3:24:25 PM News

For someone who wants to enter the medical field, being a doctor or a nurse is not the only option. There are various paramedical jobs that are just as rewarding as being a doctor or a nurse. A medical lab technician is one of the professions amongst them.

We all have had blood tests at some point in our life. The technicians who are responsible for collecting those blood samples are called medical laboratory technicians. They work in the background to provide optimal care to the patients. The job of a laboratory technician is an interesting but challenging one.

Here are all the things that you need to know about a career as a medical laboratory technologist.

Role and Responsibilities

The role of a medical laboratory technician is not limited to collecting blood samples. Their everyday tasks include the following-

  • Collecting blood and tissue samples from the patients.
  • Preparing necessary solutions that are added to the samples for testing
  • Analyzing the samples for any oddity
  • Testing the presence of drugs in blood and urine samples
  • Analyzing the blood of the patients to ensure successful transfusion from another blood match.
  • Overlook the prepping, sterilizing, and maintenance of high tech equipment
  • Ensure the lab orders are correct

How To Become A Laboratory Technician In India

To be a lab technician in India, it is mandatory to hold a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in a related field. One needs to complete class 12 in science to be eligible for the diploma and the bachelor’s degree. 

The following are the courses/diplomas that one can pursue to be a lab technician in India-

  • Diploma in Medical Lab technology
  • Certificate in Medical Lab technology
  • BSC in Medical Lab technology

The above-mentioned courses will equip students with all the necessary skills they need to have a successful career as a laboratory technician in India. If you’re someone who is looking for a short-term course to become a lab technician, then a diploma or certification are the best options available. There are various institutions that are offering MLT courses that will prepare for a prosperous career.

Skills A Laboratory Technician Should Possess

Other than having the necessary medical knowledge and skills, a lab technician needs to possess some other skills as well. Here are the skills that a dialysis technician should exhibit-

  • Technology Skills
  • Attention To Detail
  • Team Work
  • Passion For Science
  • Consistency

Career Opportunities For A Laboratory Technician

A medical laboratory technician has many career options. They have many career opportunities in government as well as the private sector. A laboratory technician can work in a coroner's office, biomedical research lab, clinic, reference laboratory, blood bank, or hospital. They can also work as veterinary technicians, science technicians, or dental lab technicians.

Salary Of A Medical Laboratory Technician

The average salary of a medical laboratory technician in India is around INR 250000. 

Medical Laboratory Technology Course By Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra’s SMART Academy for Healthcare offers various paramedical courses that help students kickstart their careers in the medical field. These courses equip them with all the necessary skills they need to be successful and efficient in their respective fields. 

The Medical Laboratory Technology Course by Tech Mahindra provides comprehensive training to students to become skilled lab technicians that are capable of performing all the tasks of a lab technician with perfection. Students are taught all the necessary skills that’ll come in handy when they work as full-fledged lab technicians.

The course also guides students with employability skills such as English speaking, personality development, and IT skills that are necessary for all the job profiles today. Students pursuing this course will be eligible for work in multispecialty hospitals, dialysis centers, and home settings under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

SMART Academy is also offering special scholarships for the course during the Covid pandemic.

Eligibility For The Course

The minimum age for the course is 17 years. A student who wants to pursue this course should have completed their class 12 in Science to be eligible for it.


It’s a 2-year course that includes 1.5 years of classroom training and 6 months of on-job training from renowned healthcare institutions of India.

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