5 NGOs Working To End Child Trafficking In India

5 NGOs Working To End Child Trafficking In India

Dec 15, 2021, 4:50:52 PM Opinion

Millions of children in India are subjected to heinous crimes. Child trafficking happens to be one of them. It is one of the most prominent human rights issues The children are exploited for commercial sexual exploitation, illegal activities such as begging, or labor. These children have to work in brutal conditions and have to experience things that no child should ever do in their life.

Most of the trafficked children in India come from poor families. Marginalized communities are most vulnerable to trafficking. Due to their socio-economic conditions, these families are forced to sell their children.

There are many organizations that have been waging a war against child sexual abuse for ages. Among all these organizations, here are 5 NGOs that have been working relentlessly to support and seek justice for the victims of child trafficking.


Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF) founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi is a leader in child protection. Satyarthi Foundation has been working for children’s rights for 40 years. It envisions a world free of violence against children and works on an array of issues that affect vulnerable children and their families. Child Trafficking is one of the many issues that the NGO tackles.

Mukti Caravan (Campaign of wheels) is the flagship campaign of KSCF that has been working to combat child rights violations with a special focus on child trafficking. The campaign aims at spreading awareness about child trafficking and other forms of crimes against children with the help of street plays, wall paintings, pamphlets, and the screening of visuals. Bal Mitra Gram is also an initiative of KSCF that empowers children and protects their rights.

Over the years, KSCF has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of children from the shackles of child trafficking.


Rescue Foundation has been working since 2000 to help the girls who have been trafficked into prostitution. They work with the state police to help the girls who have been trafficked. Rescue Foundation’s legal team also works closely with the public prosecutors to get justice for the victims and punish the people who have committed such heinous crimes.

The foundation has rescued thousands of girls over the years and has helped them receive education, healthcare facilities, and legal aid. They also organize various campaigns in colleges, universities to spread awareness about child and human trafficking.


Working since 1993, Guria is dedicated to helping the victims of human trafficking and child labor. The organization aims at rescuing women and children from brothels by ending their dependency on strong men that are controlling their lives and providing them justice.

Guria also works to support and rehabilitate the victims of trafficking. The NGO also runs various campaigns, sensitizes the stakeholders, and through Bal Kendra, provides health support, literacy, and nutrition to children in the red light areas.


Started with the aim of ensuring a happier childhood, CRY has been working for the last four decades. The NGO has impacted the lives of over three million children since its inception.

The NGO has been sincerely working for the safety and protection of marginalized children and strongly believes in building up a safe environment for children till the age of 18. CRY has been setting up child protection commitees at village level to prevent child abuse.


The NGO has been supporting high impact projects all over India through fundraising,engagement,and advocacy. iPartner India has been working since 2009 towards child and women welfare all over India. 

They partner with grassroot organizations to help them achieve their objectives by providing them financial support. So far the organisation has helped over 900,000 all over India.

The problem of child trafficking in India is widespread. While the government has taken initiatives to tackle this problem, it still continues to exist. The NGOs mentioned above have massively contributed towards stopping and helping the victims of child trafficking in India.

On an individual level people can make a difference by making donations to these organisations and help them combat child trafficking from India.

Kailash Satyarthi Child Foundation  has done remarkable work for child welfare in the country in the last four decades. Join them in their cause and ensure that every child gets the childhood that they are entitled to.

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