The Best Paramedical Courses In Mumbai

The Best Paramedical Courses In Mumbai

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In India, the avenues of employment in the health sector even without NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) have seen tremendous growth in recent years. The scope of employment in the paramedical division is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. Students can take up paramedical courses after 10th or 12th to boost their job opportunities and get on an extremely promising career path.

The current scenario globally needs a large workforce in the health sector where jobs can range from manual labor, e-diagnostics, nursing, to many others. If you pursue a paramedical course in one of the paramedical colleges in Mumbai, you gain the capability to become allied healthcare workers.

In this article, we will look into some of the major paramedical courses, the scope of paramedical students, and how you can go about pursuing a career in paramedics.

What is the Role of a Paramedical Professional?

Paramedical professionals are also referred to as paramedics and these healthcare workers provide clinical services to patients which are supervised by physicians. 

  • The term “paramedics” refers to all ancillary personnel who are involved in medical care such as nurses, technicians, therapists, physician’s assistants, emergency medical professionals, etc.
  • The paramedical professional is a highly skilled and trained person who shares direct responsibility of patient care along with the physician.
  • A paramedic worker takes care of general diagnostic procedures like taking blood samples, suturing wounds, administering injections.
  • A paramedic course fills up specific healthcare roles and relieves physicians by doing routine health assessments, taking down patients' medical history, and other routine procedures.

Which Paramedic Courses Can One Take Up After 12th

There are a number of paramedic courses offered by various colleges in India. These medical training institutes are job-oriented and training-specific where students learn to handle real-life medical conditions. These courses can be taken up by anyone who has passed their twelfth or equivalent eczema with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects.

  • X-ray technology - This is one of the most popular paramedical courses as x-rays have a huge importance in treating medical conditions. In this course, you will learn about different types of X-rays, different ways of reading an X-ray, imaging technologies used, which X-ray to use for specific conditions, etc. Some of the undergrad courses one can pursue in this sector are B.Sc in X-ray technology, Diploma in X-ray technology, Bachelor of radiation technology, B.Sc in medical imaging technology, and certification in X-ray education.
  • Anesthesia technology - In this course, students learn how and how much anesthesia to administer for different medical cases. Many medical treatments involve anesthesia administration hence this is again a very promising course to take up. 
  • Physiotherapy - This branch deals with the physical movements of human limbs. When you learn physiotherapy you get to know how to use various therapy techniques like exercises, electrotherapy, movement training, etc. for treating patients. When a patient has gone through any surgery or implant operation, physiotherapists are required to rehabilitate and bring back natural movements of affected body parts. 
  • Dialysis technology - A dialysis course equips students with the knowledge of machinery and techniques used in dialysis. You also learn how to read and interpret dialysis reports in this course. 
  • Nursing - For a patient, after doctor, the most important role is that of a nurse. Nurses take care of those admitted to the hospital and of patients who have undergone any surgery. The responsibility of a nurse also involves maintaining records of patients, pre and post-operational care, supplying medicine, first aid care, dressings, immediate treatment, etc.

Why One Should Select a Paramedic Course

In the global pandemic that we are experiencing currently, the shortage of trained paramedical staff worldwide has been exposed. There is a surge of demand for paramedical professionals who are being offered a high salary. Apart from the money factor, there are various other reasons for considering paramedical courses in Mumbai after 12th as outlined below:

  • A rewarding career option - People who are driven by compassion and take joy in helping and taking care of others would find paramedics a highly fulfilling career option. In this career, you can make a difference in people's lives every single day. Paramedics are the first responders to any medical emergencies hence they have a vital role in the health industry.
  • High demand - The healthcare system in India is very fragile as there are not enough trained and skilled paramedical professionals. With COVD-19, the need for more qualified paramedics has been stressed further.
  • Shorter training period - Students can pursue a paramedical course in Mumbai right after completing their 12th. You could opt for shorter duration courses of one year and get diverse career options. So you can be employed in just one year after your 12th in an ever-evolving career.
  • Multiple career paths - After completing a paramedic course, you have a plethora of career paths to choose from. In addition to roles like X-ray technicians, dialysis technicians, emergency medical technicians, you could become a medical trainer, medical content writer, research assistant, sales representative, etc.

Pursue a Rewarding Career in Paramedics

Paramedical courses are career-focussed and offer a range of choices to select from to students. In India, the demand for paramedical professionals has grown massively and is expected to be in high demand in the future. Getting trained in any of these courses from SMART Academy puts you on a fast-track career. Tech Mahindra SMART Academy offers a wide variety of paramedical courses in Mumbai after 12th like General nursing and midwife assistance, dialysis technician, nursing care, medical record technology, and a few others.

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