The Most Useful Course For Medical Emergencies - the EMT course

The Most Useful Course For Medical Emergencies - the EMT course

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Medical emergencies are not planned and can occur at any time of the day, month, or year. To handle such emergencies, you need round-the-clock support at hospitals where the EMT or Emergency Medical Technicians attend to your needs as and when needed.

The medical profession is not only about doctors and nurses, but there are several other helping hands that respond to emergency medical calls. These emergency medical technicians offer the initial support to the patient and also transfer him/her to hospital treatment.

Let us delve into what an EMT professional does and what are the benefits and scope of doing an EMT course.

Why Should You Consider an Emergency Medical Technician Course

Emergency medical technicians are an integral part of the medical circuit. It is an extremely rewarding profession that can give you immense job satisfaction. As an EMT, you would learn how to react to emergencies and take fast decisions to save lives by providing Prehospital care.

  • The satisfaction of saving lives - We all dream to bring about change in the quality of lives of others and society at large. So, if this spirit of humanity is integrated with your profession, it is surely a win-win situation. A timely and quick medical assistance can decide between the life and death of people in need of emergency care. Since EMTs are the first ones to assess an emergency condition and provide, their role is as crucial as that of doctors.
  • Work in close association with others - If you like to take independent decisions, then an EMT course is just right for you. An EMT's job requires working mostly outside the hospital or within a separate emergency department of a hospital. You get a chance to work closely with physicians and interact with them while taking the patient to the hospital.
  • Exposure to various medical procedures - As an EMT, you will be exposed to many different kinds of medical procedures such as:
  • Analyzing the extent of injury or illness.
  • Offering first aid and figuring out the next course of action.
  • Operating medical equipment and interpreting the vital signs and physiological parameters of the patient.
  • Managing and maintaining equipment, inventory, modes of transport, etc.
  • Huge potential for growth - The number of jobs in the paramedic field is expected to rise phenomenally in the coming years. Such growth can be attributed to immense advancements in medical science and the exponential growth of the medical sector. With more and more medical establishments coming into existence, the need for support staff on the go will automatically rise tremendously. The facilities are also getting more sophisticated, increasing the need for paramedics and EMTs. For example, you need EMTs in helicopters and aircrafts while transporting patients. Hence, EMTs and paramedics are a great option in India to get into the medical sphere and build a gratifying career.

What Work Do I Perform As An Emergency Medical Technician?

An emergency medical technician is often responsible for peoples' lives as it depends a lot on how quick and competent the EMT is. An EMT is needed in varied incidents such as heart attacks, automobile accidents, falls, childbirth, strokes, and gunshot wounds. EMTs are skilled medical workers who provide this crucial service and take care of patients' transportation to a medical facility.

  • Specially trained dispatchers send EMTs and maintain radio contact with them or patch them to a medical professional to receive ongoing instructions for patient care. The EMT follows the procedures to examine the patient and determine the extent of illness or injury.
  • EMTs provide first aid and also basic life support such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or giving oxygen.
  • An EMT may use certain special instruments like a backboard to immobilize the patient before the patient is placed on a stretcher to be transported to a medical facility.
  • An EMT knows how to manage a patient's cardiac, respiratory, and trauma emergencies. They assist the emergency room staff in taking a medical history and provide pre-admittance treatment.
  • If you are an advanced EMT then you would be able to perform more than the basic duties such as insert intravenous catheters, obtain blood samples for lab testing, or administer a limited number of drugs and intravenous glucose solutions. 
  • In certain conditions, an EMT may be equipped to and have the approval to perform more advanced life support procedures.

Apart from the primary and basic duties of an EMT, there are other secondary tasks that an EMT performs during an emergency:

  • Equipment maintenance - Replenishes first aid supplies, maintains medical and communication equipment and vehicles.
  • Active listening - Prioritizes medical procedures by assessing the nature and intensity of illness or injury.
  • Judgment and decision making - In advanced life-support environments, an EMT can operate equipment like EKGs (electro cardio diagram), bag-valve-mask resuscitators, and external defibrillators.
  • Communicating - Communicates with treatment center personnel and dispatchers to give information about the medical situation, arranges reception of the victim, and receives instructions for further treatments.
  • Personal and customer service - Comforts and reassures patients.
  • Public safety and security - After treatment is given to an infectious patient, an EMT decontaminates the interior of the ambulance and also informs relevant authorities.
  • Recording and monitoring - Observes and records a patient's injury or condition and reports it to the physician, also provides information of treatment given to the patient and patient’s reactions to drugs or treatment.

Secure a FulFilling Career in Medicines

An EMT course will pave a way for you to have a more rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare industry. SMART Academy provides both basic and advanced EMT courses where you receive training from practicing healthcare experts. The information you acquire here is intensive as they use audiovisual techniques to impart comprehensive knowledge. This self-paced training is apt for those who like to learn at their convenience.

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