They say its bars are thicker than wooly blankets!
To see its width,
You will need more than a hundred eyes.
And Its depth comprises of bloody brackets,
Because of how cruel it has trapped lives.
On the path to hell's Gate.
You will see the heads of those it has fore taken.
Skulls and wasted ambitions all lie in state.
Bones and bright futures all silently wailing.
The Soul detests it,
But the body is forever vulnerable.
Our words might disapprove it;
But our misguided actions draw us to its table.
In the swiftest disguise,
It lays on our path;
Waiting for humility's demise!
Patiently ready to make its catch.



My Son, 
My Daughter,
Be careful,
Its name is Pride.
The Ancient Cage that might never die.
I wish you well , but never forget this.
Cloth your heart with Humility!
Let wisdom guide you with its kiss.
That way,
You will have the greatest power,
To conquer it every hour!

Published by Nelo Igboejesi

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