The best tips to be successful in writing essays/papers for school or university

The best tips to be successful in writing essays/papers for school or university

Nov 8, 2016, 11:18:06 PM Life and Styles

Writing an essay/paper can be very distressing and complicated. I have a couple of things that really help me out. Please keep in mind that the tips work for me. They may not work for you, so you will need to find out how you focus better if they don’t.

.Choosing the right environment

You may not believe in me, but it is all about the place you choose to write your essay. In my case, I work better at a library or at my desk. I can’t stand cafes or places too noisy. I loose focus very quickly and my writing comes out terribly. But it is up to each person, as we all have different ways to focus on whatever we are doing.  Make sure you have good illumination and a comfortable chair to sit on. Back aches are the fastest way to loose focus.

.Choosing the right tune

I absolutely cannot write with people singing or speaking behind me. When it comes to essays or papers I always choose Classical Music. Not even instrumental music is good for me, because if I know the songs I will end up singing and loosing focus. My favorite composers right now are Mozart and John Williams. The only exception to this rule is opera or religious music: the ones I listen to are sang either in French, Italian, German or Latin, they do not get in the way. Here are a couple of playlists that may be helpful:



and last but not least…

.Choosing the right company

The right company is very important. In these assignments I work better on my own, without any one distracting me or asking me questions. If your friends or family are a source of distractions, cut them off. You can spend time with them once you are finished with your assignment. If they distract you, you won’t do anything properly: nor spending time with them, nor finishing your work. Everything has its time and its place. You just need to figure it out and find your balance.

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