Master Speed Picking Across Strings

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Master Speed Picking Across Strings

Jul 14, 2021, 11:23:58 AM Entertainment

Wondering how guitarists play so quickly across strings without making any errors and you still struggling to play the scales at a good speed? Well, it is an aggressive task and you need to push your boundaries to learn guitar of such a level. 

You should also have a clear understanding of the guitar parts. It’s good to know best guitar parts to play the instrument well. First, begin with picking across strings and then learn alternate picking which is used by the players extensively. It is an amazing way to play intense runs that sounds amazing. There is no other technique like this one. 

Playing across the strings is not just a simple technique. It is made of many distinct movements which should be learned systematically. The pick needs to be moved around 3 to 4 times ahead. It means you need to move ahead quickly, but then slow down to play a further note. String crossing takes more time than playing a single string. However, if you can break it down then learning string shifting challenges will be easy. Some important practice tips need to be kept in mind. Pay attention to moving your fingers and it will become easier.

Tips on how to play across the strings:

When an individual is confronted with a picking run which crosses many strings, they try to manage the whole thing in a single go. Well, you should break it down into manageable sections and it is the key to practice picking runs smoothly.

Now imagine that there is a lick which spans across all the six guitar strings. Now getting across the first three strings is easy, but you always end up messing at the same place again and again. When it comes to moving to the G string your pick misses it completely. It is a challenge.

Well, most of the people here start from the beginning again and when you take this extra effort you are actually taking the effort to get to that one part which is giving you great trouble. So, here you must understand how to isolate the area where you facing the maximum challenge. You need to keep practicing it until you can make it perfect. See, it is a hard task, but going through the whole thing again is not necessary. Just fix the culprit and give it more attention so you can master it well.

Simply pay a few notes at one time and then handle one string cross at a single point of time. Once you feel comfortable with it just add a few notes and you will be able to get the feeling of playing a longer sequence at a good speed. Now, you can add the next string cross. If you do it like this then it will help you get familiar with every stage of the picking run. You don’t need to run flat out and then hope for a better repetition amongst the bad ones.

You can go like this and add new strings crossing motion till you get to the end of the lick. Well, you can also do the above mentioned thing. Just practice the particular section which you find challenging and keep practicing until you master it.


So, this is how you can master a picking run. Also, make sure that all the guitar parts are in proper condition else the guitar will not sound good. You can go for best tuneomatic bridge and other guitar spare parts online if you need to replace the old ones to keep your guitar in playable condition. Choose a reputed guitar parts supplier online and fix your guitar before you begin with speed picking across strings.

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