9 Ways Of Establishing A Happier Workplace

9 Ways Of Establishing A Happier Workplace

Oct 7, 2021, 9:51:16 AM Opinion

1. Skip Multitasking

Ideally, multitasking can bolster the pace of productivity, but it also can be the cause of unnecessary stress. Studies show that people that multitask are often 40% less productive. Therefore, you should avoid encouraging your employees to handle two or more things at once. Instead, advocate for them to practice mindfulness in their roles so that they can finish their tasks fast without feeling stressed. Make it clear that should your staff become stressed or anxious for whatever reason that they will be supported. Offer external help if possible such as Clarityclinic.com.

2. Try The Pomodoro Technique

If you or any of your workers are having trouble focusing when working, you can try the Pomodoro technique. You will work for 25 minutes with a five-minute break where you can engage in something else. You can use that time to stretch your legs as you go for a cup of water.

3. Stay Hydrated

Avoid getting dehydrated when working so that you do not feel tired and dizzy. Therefore, you should have a bottle of water with you at your desk. If you stay hydrated, your body will happy, and you will be able to stay focused.

4. Decorate Your Office

Some wall colors can make you feel depressed. You should consider updating your office décor so that you have a work setting and environment that make you smile. Do for decorations that energize your moods.

5. Plan A Healthy Lunch

When you get hungry, do not rush to the break room to enjoy sugary foods. Stick to healthy meal options; that means eating a balanced lunch. Also, eat lightly to that you avoid the afternoon slump. You may have to check out the menus of the nearby restaurants to know the healthy options they have available.

6. Make A Work Best Friend

If you have a BFF at work, then you will have someone that you can share with your woes in the office. Such a friend will be the one with whom you remind each other of the big meetings. And the same person will be you lunch buddy and your companion for those after-office hour cocktails. With such a companion, you will have someone that can help you be productive, focused, and passionate about your work.

7. Avoid Negativity

Negative office gossip and unhappy workmates will drain you of your good moods. Steer clear of such individuals and drama, and you will preserve your positive emotional energies for your professional and personal life.

8. Say Thank You

Learn to appreciate your fellow workers; it will help you solidify your relations and boost your mood. Always remember to say thank you to your co-workers when you assist you in one way or the other. It will increase the likelihood of you helping each other in the future.

9. Clear The Clutter

Working in a messy environment makes you feel stressed. Therefore, clear your desk and workstation of the clutter and organize your tasks before sitting down to start work. It will help you be less anxious and more creative, thereby productive.

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