Baby Be Mine

Baby Be Mine

Feb 17, 2017, 1:38:36 AM Creative


Baby baby, your eyes are fine,
Like diamonds deep in a mine,
Like a brown barrel of red wine,
Maturing in a cellular over a long time.

Tell me, tell me now is it fine,
If I ask you to be mine,
At the beach with a glass of wine,
We will sit there you and I,

Without looking at the time.

Walking barefoot for me is fine,
Me holding your hand and you holding mine,
Bitter sweetness in my mouth like the taste of red wine,
FYI i feel this for the very first time.

Baby baby you're so fine,
On one knee now, can you be mine?
Glasses down, let's stop drinking wine,
Because I can't wait no more, there is no time.


Published by Ngonidzashe Jokomo

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