While maintaining my 80 pound weight loss I truly find eating breakfast everyday very helpful because it sets the tone for the day.

When I eat a clean breakfast, I am energized for the day.. welllll until lunch time lol. But forreal. Then, I find it easier to make better eating choices throughout the day since I'm not starting off hungry at work and searching for snacks to hold me over.

Now I know what you're thinking.. "I don't have time." Because I'm not a morning person either. I like to get every minute of sleep I can, and lay til it's time to get up forreal to get to work at 9AM. Lol I'm one of those people with like three different alarms. So noope I'm not cooking veggie omelettes, hash browns, "gluten-free" pancakes/waffles, etc. none of that. I'm not eating boring cereals either. Or making smoothies that do not completely hold me over until lunch.

I eat oatmeal. And I have several different ways I prepare it, so I can switch it up for my taste buds and don't get bored with eating the same-ol-same-ol everyday.

  1. Oatmeal, peanut butter, banana, honey *my favorite way
  2. Oatmeal, peanut better, brown sugar, cinnamon
  3. Oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries
  4. Oatmeal, maple syrup (banana too or not)
  5. Oatmeal, peanut butter, grapes - kinda like PB&J
  6. Oatmeal, apple slices, cinnamon
  7. Oatmeal, chocolate, bananas

Don't knock 'em til You try 'em either! Lol.

But why oatmeal huh? Welllll. Let me share a study I found, which concluded that (specifically) oatmeal consumption is associated with better nutrient intake and diet quality, and also put people (study was on population aged 2-18) at a lower risk for accumulation of fat in the lower torso around the abdominal area (central adiposity) and lower risk for obesity.

Sooo. D'Oat you want some now? :]

What do you like in your oatmeal?

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