Favorite Things Friday - - Favorite Smells

So one of my fellow bloggers does a top ten Tuesday and she lists her favorite books. I didn't want to steal her idea, but I wanted to do something similar. So I'm broadening my lists to include other categories besides books although there will be a lot of lists in that particular category. What can I say, I write what I know. Sometimes I'll have ten and other times I'll have fewer items. It will just depend on my mood when I write it. Anyway I thought I'd make the first one in this series a relatively easy one. I'm doing my favorite smells. 1. Daffodils 2. Lilacs 3. Freshly cut grass 4. Coffee brewing 5. Cookies baking 6. Chocolate Shops 7. Bread baking 8. Used bookstores 9. Campfires 10. The lake right before a storm I may regret asking this, but what are your favorite smells?

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