Leading tech blogs – Guiding You through the Knowledgebase

Leading tech blogs – Guiding You through the Knowledgebase

May 21, 2021, 5:45:53 AM Tech and Science

On the internet there are myriad ways through which you can connect for purposes like casual talking to friends or for reaching out the potential customers to sell the product, there are all kinds of platforms that serve the purpose. But, what if you want to talk about your daily life and things that matter to you on an open platform where people from all over the world can read what you have to say, this is where the blog or blogging emerged. Blogs, also known as the shortened version of 'weblog' is an informational website or an online journal. In this journal, you can share and talk about your daily activities and different topics.  

At this platform writer or a group of them share their views about an individual subject, it started in the year 1994. The key feature about this site is that information displayed here is in reverse chronological order i.e. latest information will appear first. There are numerous reasons to start blogging, they could be for personal use or business use. We live in a time where technology has its hands in almost every aspect of life, be it from our mobile phone to kitchen electrical appliances, and hence to keep up with this technological aspect, tech blogs are the perfect tool for us. Tech blogs or technical blogging is an amazing way through which you can share your expertise regarding technological stuff, the purpose of a tech blog is to make even a layman understand and grasp the complex technological stuff with little effort. It helps you to build valuable readership, document various projects, or provide help to other web users. Tech Blog is a good way for business purposes, you can market your services through them and it can help you to increase website traffic and rankings.

Knowing that there are so many factors of why you should keep up with a technical blog, you would probably ponder which are the best tech blogs to read online, so here are a list of best tech blogs and their information-

The verge 

The verge is a progressive multimedia effort, its purpose is to examine how technology will bring changes in lifestyle for a huge mainstream audience. It was founded in 2011, their main editorial idea was of how technology has turned into the absolute center rather than being a culture as a new generation of digital consumerism has begun, the future is arriving faster than expected. They give the latest tech news about- 

  • Hardware
  • Apps
  • Top tech companies 
  • Tiny potential startups

It is a perfect site for, finding what matters in the technological world daily. 


Engadget is a multilingual tech blog network. It is a compelling site that produces the internet's most amazing videos, features, reviews and can be called an original home for technological reviewsand news, it gives breaking news regarding the products, people, and ideas which makes a difference in shaping our opinion. They publish factual reviews and is give us a good reading experience. 


TechCrunch is an American online newspaper and its focus is on startup companies and high tech. They report on 

  • Business of technology
  • Startups 
  • Venture capital funding 
  • Silicon valley 

It was founded by Michal Arrington but now is under the ownership of AOI. TechCrunch remains one of the leading contenders in covering tech industry news. 


Wired is a unique blog that connects how current technology trends relate to various economic social and political factors, it gives an overview, not just from the technological point of view but also from other aspects. It covers modern life and technological industry. Social causes like politics, modern life, and culture always impact technology and business, so the wired is perfect for presenting viable topics to the audience.

Venture Beat 

Venture Beat is a tech blog, which gives information about the most important and groundbreaking innovations in technology. The blog provides readers insight into the latest scientific studies and ongoing headlines about the technological world. It gives you topics regarding technology that might change your business and personal life, and that's why venture beat should be at top of your list.

Analytics insight 

Analytics insight is a blog that analyzes big data, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data management, and business intelligence. The gives a good walk through the latest trends, insights, and opinions regarding technology. 


It is an ideal blog for you if you are a tech-geek, they give daily news regarding the tech industry and keep you updated regarding innovations that might impact your business and lifestyle. The blog also allows you to discuss digital trends with industry experts. 

Hence, technological innovations are ever surfacing, and they impact your surroundings indirectly, but it is important for you to keep yourselves updated about them, and tech blogs are the perfect answer for them. Reading the best tech blogs makes you smarter and keeps you aware regarding diverse tech-industry.

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