Social media and its Boon

Social media and its Boon

May 21, 2021, 6:03:10 AM Business

“Connecting virtually”, if 21st century had a theme it would be this. Social media is a platform of interactive technologies that enables creation and sharing of ideas, news, creativity, interests and other form of expressing oneself through virtual network and communities. In times like these, where social distancing is the only shield against the coronavirus, social media has turned in a knight in shining armor for us. Never before, have we experienced such an aid from social media as we do now, and stating its myriad benefits would take a lifetime, but some of the main benefit of social media can be as following-

A new mode of communication

Communication is the pillar of human society, other than our basic need of food, water and air, what we yearn the most is communication with our social groups. We learn how to behave, what to where, how to speak from our primary and secondary social groups, and connecting to our groups has been made very convenient by social media. From waiting for a month or two to receive a letter from loved one, to send in your regards to them in just few types and clicks on screen, social media has truly revolutionized the mode of communication. Not only you can communicate and express yourself through texts, but you can also express yourself through posting your photos, music, dance and what not? Social media gives you a platform to exchange ideas, not only with your immediate group but also with people sitting at other end of the world. It breaks the geographical barrier of communication, and enables you to talk freely. 

New platform for businesses marketing

Social media is the new virtual market, and we all would agree on this. Even though a business enterprise has a strong foot-hold in physical market, if it fails to expand its market online then the enterprise will surely loose a grip over many online customers. A person is likely to land over a business website’s link while scrolling through the social media sites, especially if the person is not looking for the website specifically, it would just promote the business website. Other than links to websites, many small scale businesses has opted marketing strategy of posting their products on a social media page, by creating a business ID or page, specifically for selling purposes. Marketing on social media has grown rapidly, especially during pandemic. 

A ray of hope for unemployed youth

Unemployment amongst the youth, is a major problem almost every country is facing. Not only makes the youth more aggressive and pessimistic, but also harms the economy of the country. Social media has, opened a door of new opportunities for these passionate youngsters. Now even without indulging into hassle of major startup investment, you can just simply invest in your product, make it marketable through a social media page, expand it by sharing the page with your friends and known one’s, and your job is done, the product will be on virtual market and if you manage to advertise it right your low investment startup can become a million dollar idea. This is a perfect business plan for capable young to-be-entrepreneurs, who are not backed financially. Other than to-be-entrepreneurs, there are many more young minds who are not business oriented but are creative in their own way, you would have probably came across the term ‘social media influencer’ or ‘content creator’, people are in the misconception that it does not count as a job, but the truth is if a person is creative enough to make a good content [mostly dance videos and acting] and attract attention of masses, it can turn out to be a turning point for they can earn by doing sponsored posts for brands that want to get advertised. Social media is indeed a fertile land of opportunities for the young blood. 

A new hub for social awareness and campaigns

Brest cancer awareness, road safety awareness, anti-domestic violence awareness, and many more social issues are being taken up at social media sites, in order to reach more and more people to promote social campaigns with a cause. There is no better platform than social media, to reach masses with a clear-cut message and to know there opinions regarding it. Street rallies and fund raising are still good options, but the impact social media gives to such empowering activities is powerful. Not only you can spread awareness regarding the issues, but actually help the victims. Online donations are ever welcomed, if the site on social media is authentic and trustable. Thus social media has become a hub for social activists who can voice their opinions freely, and make a difference. 

Thus, benefit of social media is not just restricted to monetary benefice, it also have a major role in benefiting the social causes by giving an open platform to everyone so they can express their opinion and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

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