Purple Suede Shoes

Having a set colour palette for an outfit is always a great choice and a safe bet if you choose a few similar colours, if you want to be a bit more adventurous go with other shades within the colour family they’re sure to look put together.

For this look I started with a sort of tropical printed Taylor Dress with a beautiful lave detailed trim on the front. Then I found this blue sequined bomber jacket to layer on top for a late summer look paired with purple suede Madden Girl pumps with turquoise dots, and to finish it off I chose a rosette plum satin clutch.

This outfit wasn’t one I even really planned out, I knew I wanted to style this dress but didn’t know what with, until I tried the jacket with it, I love mixing styles like this with the feminine meets cool and nothings better for that then pairing a dress with a bomber jacket. Once I had th jacket everything else just fell into place.

x N

Published by Nicola Janda


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