Tea is Important

I think consuming tea regularly is part of healthy habit making.

When I was in high school, tea was one of the things that were so commonly associated with me, much like Foxy Shazam and genie pants. I was seen every day with mugs upon mugs of hot tea; I even carried a variety box around with me.

However, back then, tea was just something for me to taste, something to put in my stomach to prevent me from eating. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and this meal substituting definitely lasted for more than 21 days.

Today, I drink a cup of tea at night and a cup of coffee in the morning. Tea, at night, helps relax all of the tension that I had built up in my body throughout the day. The process of picking out the proper tea for each night has its own unique composition. The type of tea, the spices in it, whether or not to dress it with milk or sugar; the process has an almost artistic quality to it.

The reason that tea is an important part of healthy habit making is because it’s a simple habit to create with many beneficial aspects to it. Whether or not you are known as an individual who enjoys tea, there is one out there for you. Simply by starting off with a smaller goal, you will feel more motivated everyday to create a healthy routine that is perfect for your goals and lifestyle.

Throughout this journey, I have been able to make lists and goals that incorporate the kind of life I want to continue to live when I move back home. Bullet journaling has been introduced to me and is something I wish to start at the beginning of the New Year.

Life has a curious way of introducing ourselves to harsh realities and new ways to deal with them. We may only be able to handle them day by day, but we do handle them.

Published by Nicole Clement


Aug 23, 2016, 7:21:01 AM

Thank you!! I enjoy a great cup myself!

Aug 15, 2016, 9:36:21 AM

Great post! I also love tea. I have a huge stash for whatever mood I am in.

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