How To Play Cricket For Beginners?

How To Play Cricket For Beginners?

Nov 29, 2021, 11:32:05 AM Sport

Now-a-days every country is playing cricket and it has become a popular sport which is played by a number of people all over the world. There are various ways to play cricket in the world and one of them is playing it as a sport. In cricket, the bat and the ball is used to hit the wickets. There are different types of cricket and each type of cricket has its own rules, but cricket is played in different ways. Let’s discuss about some basic tips for playing cricket.

First, you need to understand the basics of cricket:

Cricket is a game that is played in two teams, first team is known as the batsmen team and second team is known as the bowlers team. They have to take turns to bat and bowl the balls. If the batsman hits the ball then he will score, but if the bowler bowls the ball then he will lose his turn and another player will have his turn. The player that gets more runs will win the match. In this type of cricket, every team has two players who can score runs and every team has two players who can bowl the ball. You need to understand these basic facts before playing cricket. The BPL 2022 Schedule is the official schedule for Bangladesh Premier League. The schedule includes all of the match details, venue information, and TV broadcast times.

Choose your ball:

You need to choose a proper ball as it is important to score the maximum amount of runs and it will make the other player lose their turn. You have a choice to play with an orange ball or a red ball. There is no right or wrong ball so you can play according to your choice. If you want to play with the red ball then you must wear a mask while you play. It can be difficult to choose the ball if you don’t know much about cricket.

Wear comfortable shoes:

If you are a beginner then you might be afraid to play in the cricket field, but if you are ready to take part in the cricket then you should wear comfortable shoes. You need to wear the right shoes so that you can play without any difficulty. If you don’t have the right shoes then you need to check whether you are wearing the correct size or not. Don’t worry; you will get different types of shoes that will help you to play with ease.

Take some practice:

You need to practice for a certain period of time, especially when you are going to play on a large scale. It is not possible for you to learn how to play immediately after you have bought the book or watch a video online. You need to take some practice before you start playing.


These are the tips that are considered as the basic things that every person should follow in order to play cricket. It is not possible to master everything at one go so it is better to practice these basics regularly and make your performance more fluent. If you are planning to play this sport then I suggest that you must check all the basic facts about cricket.

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