Six Ways to Remove Water from the Pool Lines with Air Compressor

Six Ways to Remove Water from the Pool Lines with Air Compressor

Aug 31, 2021, 8:44:26 AM Tech and Science

When it comes to how you clean your pool, there are many options. You can use a manual or automatic vacuum cleaner, chlorinate the water with chemicals, or even add salt for an alternative chemical treatment. However, if you want a quick and easy way to make sure your pool stays clean, adding no extra work on yourself, then air compressor cleaning is the answer!

Air compressors blow out all the dirt particles from the lines in no time flat so that they don't get stuck in your filter and clog up everything else. This also prevents them from evaporating into thin air as well, which keeps bacteria growth at bay! It's such an effective method that it's used by professional pools cleaners too! These are the 8 tips on how to blow out pool lines with air compressor methods. These tips will definitely empower you to blow out pool lines. When you wish to discover further information on air compressor, you must check website.

Purge The Lines Before Beginning:

To start, clear your pool lines of all water with the help of a vacuum cleaner or by draining them completely via their valves and hoses. The best way to purge the air from inside the pipes is to turn on one end of the hose and blow out as much air as possible while being careful not to let any water in.

Put Pressure On Your Air Compressor:

Before you blow out pool lines with an air compressor, make sure the hose and nozzle are firmly attached to it along with a tube leading into your filter box in case anything leaks out from the pipes and spills back into the pool. Set the air pressure to somewhere around 80 psi and turn on your compressor. This will help get all the water out of the pipes in a short amount of time.

Use a Hose:

Using compressed air is primarily for blowing out lines underwater, however, it can also be used above ground by attaching a flexible air hose to the outlet and blowing into it. This is how you blow out a pool safely above ground.

Don't Shut Off The Compressor While It's Cleaning:

The air compressor will get all the water out of your lines, but it won't be able to push everything through the filter if you shut it off midway. So keep it running and only turn it off when necessary.

Keep Safety First:

While using air compressors, make sure you wear goggles to protect your eyes and a face mask in case any dirt gets blown around, as well as gloves or arm sleeves to protect yourself from cuts while cleaning the pipes underwater. Don't use this method if you have little children around, as these air compressors come with a lot of moving parts and are dangerous if not used properly.

Follow Up With Manual Cleaning:

After you blow out pool lines with an air compressor, it's best to go over them again manually to make sure all the debris in the pipes was removed and that there is nothing stuck blocking your filter. You can use a pool brush either on your own or pay someone to do it for you.


Blowing out the lines with an air compressor is the best method to prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your swimming pool cleans at all times! So start using this tip today and save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run!

Published by Nicole Stokes

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