Tips for Choosing a Beauty Case for Make Up Enthusiasts!

Tips for Choosing a Beauty Case for Make Up Enthusiasts!

Sep 12, 2021, 9:31:31 AM Life and Styles

Beauty Case

It's not just professional MUAs who need a make-up suitcase to store their make-up kits. Currently, women who like to collect makeup also need this important tool. However, the high price often makes jiper. For those of you who are in need of a make-up suitcase, these beautiful tips for choosing and recommending cheap make-up suitcases can help you, you know! If you need a full report on makeup case, check over here.

Beautiful Tips for Choosing a Makeup Suitcase

Choose As Needed

Before deciding to buy a beauty case or make-up suitcase to store make-up, it's a good idea to calculate how much make-up you have. If you have little make-up and don't plan to add to your beauty collection, then you should choose a small make-up suitcase. However, if you feel you will continue to add to your make-up collection, it's a good idea if the beauty case you choose has enough space to store it. In addition, make sure the beauty case has lots of partitions and partitions to separate various types of make-up and tools so that they are easy to find.

Have a Mirror

It's not a beauty case if it doesn't come with a mirror in it. Of course, women need a mirror when applying makeup, so the mirror in the beauty case is very important. Beauty rituals will be more practical. So you don't need to have trouble using a small mirror in compact powder or looking for a toilet to reflect.

Vakind Pro Make Up Case

One of the make-up suitcases that are suitable for a small make-up collection is the Vakind Pro Make Up Case. This beauty case is in the form of a very cute vintage suitcase . Classic design made of synthetic leather. The handle of this make up suitcase is designed with a stylish metal finish. On the inside, it is beautified with floral motifs and equipped with pockets, partitions, and mirrors that are enough to make it easy for you to make up anywhere and anytime. This tiny suitcase is perfect for those of you who like shabby chic and vintage designs .

Annis Mini Beauty Case

Beauty Case

The next beauty case that is also selling well in the next market is the Annis Mini Beauty Case. This beauty case is made of aluminum, with a velvet lining in the main compartment, as well as four trays for storing cosmetics. This make-up box is also equipped with a sturdy handle and a lock to keep make-up safe in the box. This Annis Mini Beauty Case is available in 19 attractive motifs and color variants. The size is not too big but can still store more cosmetics and is very suitable for traveling .

Amara Large Beauty Case

Enough with a small beauty case, this beauty case from Amara is perfect for those of you who have a large collection of cosmetics. This beauty case has an elegant look with aluminum material. Measuring 33 x 27 x 19 cm, the Amara beauty case has four levels of compartments, with six ample trays inside. This beauty case also has many variants, you know! But unfortunately, this beauty case does not have a mirror.

Beauty Case Fortress

The last makeup box recommendation is Beauty Case Fortress. Beauty Case Fortress is equipped with four large drawers to store a lot of makeup tools. Very suitable for Make Up Artists who need more storage space. Unfortunately, like the Amara Beauty Case, this Beauty Case Fortress is not equipped with a mirror so it requires you to bring an additional mirror when traveling.

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