Do Not Shop at the Kardashians' Store DASH

Do Not Shop at the Kardashians' Store DASH

Last week I found myself in Soho roaming the cobble stone streets for cute boutiques and signature macaron shops. Soho is known for its amazing shopping and quaint restaurants among others, it has its very own "DASH". If you have a life, unlike me, and you don't watch the Kardashians on E! every Sunday night then good for you. But in all honesty, everyone needs a little trashy reality television in their life. Living life vicariously through the Kardashians. NBD.

Dash is a boutique founded by the three sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney (my least liked sister). The first location was founded in Calabasas and can now be found in three locations, California, New York, and Miami. In the About portion of the site it says that Dash is a "one stop contemporary women’s boutique set to inspire the mindset of the confident, captivating, and charismatic women of today with an immaculate eye for fashion and style". That being said, what Dash really is, is an over priced, under decorated store with impractical "everyday" styles that only the Kardashians wear. And by no means, did one of the sisters write that bio. I know they have people for that but just saying. 

Upon walking into the store I automatically noticed there was zero decor and it had a "we're moving locations" feeling. The store was basically empty except for the few clothing racks lined around the walls and a center table with over priced accessories and the book Kendall and Kylie wrote that no one EVER talks about. In the back was a book shelf type thing with all of Kim's fragrances which all smelt disgustingly sweet and princessy, definitely not my taste. The fitting room was a curtain in the corner behind an empty wall much like you would see in some sceevy boutique in the mall that sells stretchy clothing for $14.99. 

Other than my mom and I, there was a girl in her early teens and her mother. I saw the mother grab a price tag on a basic white tank and immediately have a mini heart attack in the corner, much like my mother had. The girl in her teens was "fan-girling" and taking selfing with everything. Kids these days, am I right? There was a single employee, a girl in her mid twenties. I wondered why there was only one employee but then again, how many people, I mean, "dash dolls" does it take to keep an eye on a few clothing racks. She was polite and smiled. She complimented my romper (but I always get compliments on it) and asked if we needed help. If by help she meant explaining why a black t-shirt with "DASH" on it costs $60 then yes, I needed help. 

I'm not sure what I expected going into Dash. I guess I thought it would look more put together, more like a store owned by three millionaire sisters. The clothing was primarily black, white, and nudes right up my alley but I look pregnant in those tight fitting skirts Kim loves to wear. Kudos to her for pulling them off. It's a known fact Soho is on the pricey side and in all honesty Dash only exists because its an extension of the Kardashians. If it were anyone else's boutique it would go down faster than Yo Gotti in your DM's.

Published by Nicole Wojtowicz

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