Pokemon Go is Ruining My Life

Pokemon Go is Ruining My Life

I'll be the first to tell you Pokemon is stupid. I never got into watching it as a kid and to this day, I have absolutely no clue how to "play" Pokemon. To me, it just seems like throwing down cards with little creatures and screaming "OOOOOHHHHH!" into the others face. Like I said, stupid. 


In case you are disconnected from Twitter, Instagram, Vine... THE NEWS, then you haven't heard about the new PokemonGo app launched a few days ago. Or, in case you've heard of it but aren't sure what it is, basically, it is a free app you download which connects to google maps on your phone. On your screen you will see the area you are in with all the streets and such. The point of the game is to get outside and walk around trying to find Pokemon randomly scattered throughout your area. There are also "Pokestops" where you can go and receive gifts such as Pokeballs, eggs, and potions. Once you find a Pokemon, the idea is to throw a Pokeball and catch it, much like in the cartoon. The stronger the Pokemon the harder it is to catch forcing you to waste a lot of Pokeballs which DO run out. The main aspect of the game causing me stress. 

The game is great because it is giving people a reason to get outside and get active, even if that means walking with your phone in your face. Now you're probably wondering how is a stupid little game ruining my life. Well, for one, I am absolutely obsessed. It's slowly taking over my life. The conversations I have with my boyfriend consist mainly of screenshots of the rare Pokemon we find or more frequently, the rare Pokemon I find when I have no Pokeballs or my battery is at 1%. Because the app is so new and the creators had no idea how big it would get, the app experiences a lot of problems. Their servers are constantly down which makes logging on and catching some rare Pokes so frustrating! 

In the first week alone, the app was downloaded over 7.5 million times and has far surpassed Snapchat downloads. To say the least, i'm not the only one addicted. 

Last night I went to the mall to see Finding Dory with my mom and I literally RAN around the mall from Pokestop to Pokestop because I was out of eggs and there was a bunch of Pokemon by the food court. I actually drive around my neighborhood looking for Pokemon as a form of entertainment. I don't even walk, I drive. Talk about a loophole. I think the game is awesome for kids who don't get out much but for someone like me who needs to blog and edit and film, PokemonGo has become the main reason I have no time for anything. 

If you are sucked into the deep dark hole of Pokemon Go, let me know in the comments and tell me what your rarest Pokemon is!

Published by Nicole Wojtowicz

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