Role Of Integrated Planning & Implementation In SDGCC

Role Of Integrated Planning & Implementation In SDGCC

Sep 2, 2021, 10:02:13 AM News

One can achieve anything with proper planning and implementation of those planned activities. Similarly, the sustainable development goals Center coordination also follows the integrated planning and implementation to attain the sustainable environment and ecosystems throughout the world. The SDGsweres set up for the all-round development of the world and created an agenda with a set of 17 goals along with the functions to reach these goals. Let us explore more about those 17 goals, functions and the role of SDGCC integrated planning and implementation.

What is SDGCC

Sustainable development goals Center coordination is the full form of SDGs. It is a set of 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 for environmental, technical, resourceful, etc developments in every part of the world. Also eradicating poverty, pollution, corruption, etc. All these goals were mentioned in an agenda for 2030 by SDGCC. Formation of organization, setting of goals will not be sufficient to reach the saturation point. All these goals can be issued only with proper planning and execution of those plans and functions. The SDGCC integrated planning and implementation towards the following goals will achieve success soon. 

Life on land

Life below water

Clean water and sanitation

Affordable and clean energy

Climate action

Responsible consumption and production.

Gender equality

Reduced inequalities

Quality education

Sustainable cities and communities

Partnerships for the goals

Peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Zero hunger

Good health and wellbeing

Decent work and economic growth

Industry innovation and infrastructure.

No poverty.

These 17 goals were divided into three categories namely - economic, social, environmental.

What does SDGCC do?

The vision and mission of SDGCC are to eradicate hunger deaths and strives to provide prosperity for future generations. All these were facilitated in the agenda of 2030. So to attain these goals, along with the SDGCC integrated planning and implementation, the other roles and responsibilities are as follows- 

Academic Platform

Resource Mobilization and Partnerships

E - module

SDG Localization

Monitoring and Evaluation

 Awareness generation and capacity building

Besides all these functions, sustainable development goals centre coordination needs to focus on the topmost function, integrated planning, and implementation. 

SDGCC integrated planning and implementation 

Managing any task involves four to five steps. Forecasting, Planning, executing, implementing. All four act as pillows for every task here the sustainable development goals Center coordination already forecasted and created an agenda and vision as well. So the next important task is SDGs integrated planning and implementation. Here the execution part is included in the implementation process. So most of the responsibility will be taken care of by Integrated Planning and Implementation for Punjab

Proper planning helps the organization to have clarity of thought and a clear path to move forward towards success. Without having an idea about the order and priority of tasks, the work may not yield fruitful results. So planning plays a vital role. Keeping this in mind, the sustainable development goals Center coordination introduced its best practices of integrated planning and implementation. Creating a summary and publishing it to the public use a complete picture about the organization and how they are moving forward and how the public needs support to get the round development of the world, and sustainable ecosystems. 

The summary will act as a great milestone in the thought process of SDGCC's integrated planning and implementation. It was prepared to buy several experts and divided all the resources and functions of each goal into different chapters. So if anyone goes through the summary book, the entire agenda, and functionalities of SDGs will be clear. Though the personnel may change and someone comes to work voluntarily, they just revise the summary and move forward accordingly.

The sustainable development goals Center coordination prioritizes the states and sets a unique action plan to achieve the goal of that particular state. Also, these action plans were mentioned in the strategic document summary. After executing these action plans, the next step is to have different discussions on the earlier SDG to the current SDG. So that all the team can come to know the pros and cons of each step. The strategy document also consists of both the short-term goals and long-term goals, action plans for different targets, duplication of efforts, recurring results, of every goal, etc. 

Also, the SDGCC integrated planning and implementation were different for different departments. Because few departmental goals have more targets and less time. Similarly few goals have vice versa. So considering the availability of resources, several targets, deadlines, a persona, etc, the integrated planning and implementation will be executed accordingly. Department-wise plans help to avoid overlap, duplication, and progress of various targets in parallel. 

Final Thoughts

Hence, the SDGCC integrated planning and implementation had implemented best practices like summary, setting of short term goals, technology enhancements, department wise goals, and integrated planning and implementation of various departments in parallel were found in sustainable development goals Center coordination, Punjab. 

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