Having a Bad Day/ Week/ Life? You Need this

Having a Bad Day/ Week/ Life? You Need this

You might be wondering what exciting someone can add about one of most communal problems of life, and you are somewhat right too. Obviously, What can I tell you which make the most different in your life? Possibly nothing, but there’s something magic I can do. I can help you comprehend the most mesmeric delight behind life, the pure moments of love, joy, and contentment.

Yes, I am talking about all those little moments that matter.  

Today in this ever-changing world of technology, where we are faster than we ever were, where everything can be done just from your smartphone, why we are all gloomy and depressed?  What is so wrong that every 1 from 8 people in this world is being murky and melancholic? When we are so futuristic, so ultra-tech, what is that we are doing which is killing it all? 


The melancholy, the depression, and the murky mood is nothing but only the consequences of what we are doing on a regular basis. You may come up with an explanation that you are doing it all right, making time for everyone else, being socially available and giving your 100% in your work.  I know it can’t be, but let’s just get agree with what you are saying.  I accept that you are doing it all right, but why then people who do the same of what you are doing, ending up being more depressed, more mentally or physically ill, and tortured with the external environment.  Don’t believe me? Check out the global statistics and you will know the truth. Every step, every choice we have ever made had consequences, likewise, whatever you are doing at this moment will have consequences, will have literal side effects, which will come to you when you live this life for a longer span. 


You need to rewind, to unlock, to breathe and sometimes  just be.

Yes, If you don't, then answer why you crave for travel destinations, peace and holiday vacation from your regular life? 

The constant availability to people after work on Whatsapp and social media, high flying connectivity to the internet is the most ignored but highly distressing factor, which is continuously eating our life. We almost forget what peace is, what little moments of happiness are, and how it’s like to be totally present in the moment.  Learn all that again with my highly effective self-made principles. Here it begin-: 

  • Give yourself love and time. We need to love ourselves in the process of loving others, we need to give ourselves time and above than that, we need to be more peaceful and loveable. 
  • Stop worrying about what could be and what will be, what will change and what will not, and just be in the moment.  If there’s a problem, and you can do something about it, do it instead of worrying. If there’s a problem and you just can’t do anything about it, then what you will achieve by worrying? 
  • Stop being available for everyone every time. Learn to prioritize and find your peace with that. Stop putting yourself in the end, and give yourself the priority and respect you seek from others. Take yourself seriously. Do things as per your perspective. Sometimes you will have to make the compromises, but in  the longer run, you will be satisfied that you didn’t let someone take over your life.
  • Choose People Who Choose You.Passion is important but not more than your loved ones. Make time for those who love you. Find out what your passion is, but don’t let it kill you. Make mistakes, make holidays, and spend time with those who truly value you. I am a big lover of passion, but I have realised that your passion doesn’t care for you when you are ill, your family does. Although your passion gives you purpose and all that needed for a luxurious life, but what’s the use of that all if you don’t have anyone to share your happiness with. Make time for family and friends. 

Give yourself the love and care you seek from others, and remember this life you’re living much more than doing your job, paying your bills, and handling your responsibilities.

Treasures small moments of pleasure, and never ever forget to live in the NOW.

Wish you a fabulous day/life ahead. 






Published by Nikhil Shrivastava

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