What I Think Life Is?

What I Think Life Is?

Nov 25, 2016, 7:11:14 PM Creative

It’s a constant world with constant situations and reactions, movements and breakouts, speed and slow downs, always moving in one or the other direction. The world has never stopped until now, nor will it ever be. There will be enormous sunshine, rains and rainbows, and unending series of climate in both, the weather and the life. Nothing will be too easy, nothing will be too tough, and there’s nothing which you can’t achieve. You will face problems at every step. You will be confused about your dress, your career, the next girl/boy you will date with, and above all, about your purpose. No matter what you decide at some point, or how passionately you will decide it, it will change after some time, due to the experiences, the people, the circumstances you will found yourself in. Everything will change, and what you consider right, will be directly wrong from someone else’s eyes. So, in that way, you will never ever know whether you were right or wrong. Sometimes you feel that you do, but in the very next moment, you’ll find yourself in the same dilemma again. It's not your fault, our world is made this way; it’s the nature of the universe. Nothing is right or wrong, but still, it’s very important for you to be nice. No matter who you are, or which part of the world you live in, you must be gentle, kind and open-hearted. Allow things to come and go, allow yourself to be better. Accept your past, embrace your present and be hopeful about what next morning brings in your life. You will not able to find peace until you become it. Life is all about love, care, passion, and moments which make you realise who tiny you are in the universe.

Embrace yourself. Be Better.                                     

                                                                                                                           Nikhil Shrivastava.

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