Tips To Choose The Best Folding Doors

Tips To Choose The Best Folding Doors

Jan 31, 2021, 11:55:44 AM Life and Styles

Folding doors are one of the hallmarks of modern architecture. They provide a better aesthetic value and allow ample amount of light to enter in your room. However, chosing the right folding door for your home can sometimes become dicey. Every home has its own set of requirements for example, a room with a big balcony will be more suited for a sliding door whereas a room connected to an alleyway or at the front of the house is more suited for a folding door. Also, the choice of material for the folding doors is very important. LIXIL India Aluminium folding doors are the most preferred option due to the superior features imparted by using aluminium. In this article, we will be discussing about tips to choose the best folding doors.

What are Folding Doors?

Before we go into the specific details about choosing the perfect folding doors, let us have look at what folding doors are.

  • Folding doors are hinged at one end and provide one of the most efficient uses of available space.
  • Sometimes, they also have a standard-style door at one end that can be used to go in and out without the need to fold the panels.
  • Folding doors can open both ways and hence, provide flexibility in usage as well as design specifications.
  • Folding doors can provide one of the most exceptional vies because technically they cover an entire wall of the room.

What Material to choose for Folding Doors?

If you want to replace your old wooden door with a new folding door and are not sure what material to go for, then you shouldn’t worry too much. Folding doors can be made using the traditional timber or the modern sleek aluminium. Folding doors also give you the flexibility to use both timber and aluminium in the same design.

Aluminium folding doors can then be further anodized to get a wide range of colours. There are huge options available with anodised windows. You can choose from a range of glossy colours to a matted finish on your doors. Aluminium folding doors are also very durable and the durability of the paint too is pretty impressive.

Other Important Factors

Choice of material, surely, is one of the most important factors for choosing the right folding door. However, there are other factors too that are very important when you finally decide on the right folding door.

View: You should choose folding doors which provide the best possible view from your room. Doors with glass panes on it should be your preference if you want to have a good view from your room.

Accessibility: Choose a design which provides a better accessibility of the entire area and does not take up too much space.

Thermal Performance: Aluminium folding doors are the best in thermal performance. Aluminium is a great insulator of heat and hence, does not let heat to leak out of the room.


These tips will help you in finding the right folding doors for your house. Aluminium folding doors do have their own advantages but choose the door that suits your requirements.

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