How can a Free Animation Maker help you improve corporate identity?

Free Animation Maker

How can a Free Animation Maker help you improve corporate identity?

Nov 26, 2020, 4:53:02 AM Tech and Science

We have told you at the beginning that a video is one of the best options you have if you want to improve the image of your brand. What are we based on to say something like that? Free Animation Maker today has been part of any organization. Not Just that, Animation maker such as Mango Animate Animation Maker can provide you with the readymade templates where you can start to work directly and generate your first video super-easily, It is extremely user friendly and one needs no expertise in creating a one.

In studies such as the one conducted by Cisco System, which indicated that 87% of North American companies opted for online marketing videos. And not only that, he also assured that in 2018, 84% of web traffic will be in the video.

Only with these data, you already get an idea of ​​what video can contribute to your company. But there is more data that reinforces this concept:

·        Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world.

·        60 seconds of video equals 1.8 million words.

·        Half of the online mobile traffic consists of watching videos.

·        Websites with videos get better positions in Google.

·        They help to explain more clearly the benefits of your product or brand.

These are just some of the many benefits we get, but there are many more. And since we insist so much on the benefits of a video, we better tell you about one.

Examples of how an animation video can help your corporate identity

But since there is nothing better than seeing examples to understand a concept, now we explain how we approach this issue with two clients.

Go for it.


The example of this client is ideal to show you how with a video you can not only create a brand image but how it can also help you differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition.But before continuing, take a look at the video.How did this video help the client's brand identity?

The first thing to note is that an animation video was chosen This is relevant for the following:

·        Modern and casual image: what does a fleet of buses suggest to you? Of course, nothing funny and rather ugly (cool colours of the asphalt, the smoke ...). On the other hand, with the characters, we can use cheerful colours that convey a more positive feeling to the client.

·        It stands out from the competition: not only does it give you a more cheerful identity, but there are no more companies that use these resources. It is possible to differentiate.

·        Professionalism: the videos themselves give this feeling, but with the animated ones more. The client perceives that the company takes care of the details and strives to give a good image.

But to all this, we must add that with this video, it was easier for the client to explain their product. Without the use of storytelling and animation, this would have been really difficult to convey.


We bring you another animation video so you can see another example in which the last thing we mentioned is clearly seen.

But what we want you to notice is the use we make ofanimated characters.

Why do we highlight something like this? For the number of advantages, it has.

·        They do not generate rejection: because they cannot be identified with negative things.

·        They generate more attention: theyare more enjoyable.

·        There are no limitations when it comes to telling a story:  in just one second, we can transport the character to any situation or place. The border is set by your imagination!

In addition to the use of the characters, imagine that we had to create the video with images and real actors. It would have been much more difficult to show all the features of the software simply.

Look at how we are showing each feature so that the viewer can easily understand the benefits of the program. With animation, there is no idea that cannot be explained.


Ready to reinforce your corporate identity with a video?

As you have seen, videos not only help you reinforce your brand image but if you take advantage of the advantages of animation, you can explain more clearly the benefits of your products and services.

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