Fashion Illustrator Interview - Mou Nazia

Fashion Illustrator Interview - Mou Nazia

Mou Nazia (@Mouchoa) Is A Artist With A Very Subtle And Soft Touch When It Comes To Her Art. Her Talent Is Insane! Every Color In Every Piece Is Always Flowing Together In Intimate Harmony. Mouchoa Is One Of My Most Favorite Artists, And Her Work Should Not Go Unnoticed.

wp-1482001057377.jpgDescribe Yourself

'I'm A Lover Of Art And All Things Irrational Yet Pretty. I Love Creating Visual Aesthetics That Can Stir Some Type Of Emotion Within A Person That Comes Across My Art. I Love Painting By Hand And Making Colorful Art, But I Also Love Plain Black And White Sketches.'

Why Did You Become An Illustrator?

'I Love Illustrating Fashion Sketches, It's Like The First Step Of Making A Beautiful Outfit Come To Life. You Can Give Your Own Touch To Things That Already Exist Or You Can Create Something Totally Unique, It's A Limitless Creative Canvas. I Have The Whole World To Explore With Just A Paintbrush And Illustrating Allows Me To Do That.'

wp-1482001049756.jpgWhere Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

'I Hope I Am Doing Something I Really Love And Appreciate. I Don't Have Tunnel Vision For It, It's A Range Of Options And Dreams, I Just Hope It's Whatever That Makes Me Happy.'

Are You Currently Working On Any Projects?

'Yes, I Am Working On Few Projects. I Usually Don't Like To Disclose Details Of The Projects Until It's Successfully Completed, But I Hope To Share Some Of It Very Soon.'

wp-1482001039619.jpgWhat Do You Like To Illustrate The Most?

'I Love Illustrating Fashion, Dresses, Outfits, Moments, Atmosphere, Abstract Thoughts. I Basically Like Illustrating Anything I Am In The Mood For. That's Why My Art Usually Doesn't Follow One Subject.'

Lastly, What's Your Style Of Illustration?

'I Don't Think I Have One Type Of Style, But Usually People Can Tell If An Illustration Has My Touch In It, And That's Such A Great Compliment. I Still Can't See It For Myself What My Style Is But I Think It Will Slowly Become Prominent. But I Do Know I Like Making Pieces That Are Vague Yet Pops Up. I Also Often Add Lots Of Glitter!'

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