Fashion Illustrator Interview - Nina Castro

Fashion Illustrator Interview - Nina Castro

Self Taught Fashion Illustrator Nina Castro Is Pretty Different From The Average Illustrator. Her Digital Illustrations Of Sultry Celebrities Are Original, And The Best Part Is... She's 15! Learn A Little More About The Very Enthusiastic Nina Castro In Her Brief Interview; She'll Make You Want To Pick Up A Pencil And Start Sketching!



Describe Yourself

15 Year Old Italian Illustrator Nina Castro Currently Resides In Portugal, But Was Raised In Holland. "I Am A Very Passionate Person, Especially When It Comes To My Art. When I Really Want Something I 'll Work As Hard As I Can To Achieve My Goals." Castro Used To Attend High School, But Is Now Being Homeschooled.

 What Inspired You To Illustrate At Such A Young Age


"I've Loved Drawing Ever Since I Can Remember. I Started From A Young Age, Having Books With Models That Let You To Draw Clothes On Them, And I Loved It! When I Got Older I Stopped For Awhile Because My Interests Changed. But, When I Turned 15 I Found Out About Digital Art And Was Fascinated That People Could Create Such Realistic Potraits. From Teaching Myself How To Draw Digitally And Posting My Art On Social Media (Like Instagram), I Came Across Many Artists And Fashion Illustrators. This Is How I Got Into Fashion Illustrating, And As Soon As I Saw All Those Creations Other People Made I Had A New Goal In Mind: Learn To Draw Fashion Figures.

                          What Are Your Plans For The Future


Castro Plans On Making It Big As A Fashion Illustrator. "My Big Time Goal Is To Work With Big Brands Like Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Dior, And Much More. I Would Also Like To Sell My Illustrations When I'm More Known As Prints, Or Even Have Illustrations As Decor."

What Is Your Inspiration Lastly, Are There Any Challenges For You

"My Everyday Inspiration Is Creating Illustrations! It Keeps Me Going And Keeps Me Motivated; Just The Thought Of Being Able To Recreate Or Create Something That Is Beautiful To The Eye Is Amazing."



   Lastly, Are There Any Challenges For You

"The Whole Process Itself Is A Challenge! I'm Self Taught, So The Beginning Was Very Rough. I Also Have High Standards For Myself, Seeing That I'm A Perfectionist. I've Learned A Lot From What I've Taught Myself, But There Are Still Some Daily Challenges Like Being Consistent With Posting; This Sometimes Put Pressure On Me. Another Challenge Is Trying To Improve Every Single Day On My Drawing Skills."

Nina Castro Is A 15 Year Old Illustrator That Is Extremely Determined And Motivational. Continue On Your Journey Till Your Heart's Content.

Published by Nikkol Baker

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